Adventures In Design

de Mark Brickey

Sports radio for the creative struggle.


Gary Baseman "Crazy But Functional"

por Mark Brickey

Visual artist Gary Baseman shares his story of creating his art movement called pervasive art, which Brickey refers to as Prediction of Art.

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The Beatles Get Back Creative Review with Connie Collingsworth

por Mark Brickey

Mark and Connie break down the Peter Jackson-directed documentary about The Beatles from the creative perspective of this epic story.

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The DKNG Show | We're Rappers - Episode 43

por Mark Brickey

Dan & Nathan of DKNG Studios returns for episode 43 of The DKNG Show to talk about becoming rappers and worked with AMC Theaters to create a new business model for Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

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The guys talk about the current state of live events and recap Adobe Max 2021 and Designer Con 2021. As a special member bonus, you can now WATCH THE ENTIRE CONVERSATION inside the Circle of Trust.

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Xencelabs - Global Marketing Senior Designer DaCosta Bayley

por Mark Brickey

Xencelabs is a passionate team of enthusiastic digital art industry veterans with more than 30 years of experience. Dedicated to exploring, innovating, designing, and developing the new pen tablet generation.

NFT TALK | VEVE Communications Manager Rhys Skellern

por Mark Brickey

At some point, we all knew there would be a company to come along and take the wild west of the NFT scene and bring it into the mainstream. Is VEVE the company to pull off this task? With big licensing deals, it seems they have the proper IP to bring in the masses! Let's check in with VEVE communications manager Rhys Skellern to understand better where both NFTs and VEVE are heading.

GARM Nation Giveaway Winner Announcements

por Mark Brickey

Brickey and Emir announce the winners of the GARM Nation give away and look at some very worthy honorable mentions.


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The DKNG Show | How Do Construction Work?

por Mark Brickey

Dan & Nathan join Brickey today in a true adventure into design where after years of illustrating buildings. Today they try to figure out how in the hell they are made?

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Mark And Connie's Designers Guide To Strip Clubs and More Clueless Crime Podcasts

por Mark Brickey

The Hillbilly duo of Mark and Connie get into sexy old school wrestling videos, how to design the perfect strip club and return to more CLUE-less Crime Podcasts.

Squid Game Design And Spoiler Free Review

por Mark Brickey

Today's Adventure breaks down the design of Squid Game and contemplates how this show quickly grabbed everyone's attention and what we can learn from this show to apply to our marketing efforts!

Today In The Circle of Trust, we give a full spoiler review of everything we loved about the show and a few problems detected and contemplate how to make a follow-up season.

Brickey Time Travels To Kill His Grandfather with Tony Mendez

por Mark Brickey

Today's Adventure is something we have all contemplated. What happens if I time travel to 1950 and kill my grandfather? Do I still exist? Can time travel street justice even the scores against time?

Do The Sopranos Hold Up Twenty Years Later? with Connie Collingsworth

por Mark Brickey

Brickey and Connie have each rewatched the Soprano's entire six-season run and can't wait to talk about how different it was watching it all twenty years later. And in part two, break down whether or not The Many Saints of Newark was a successful prequel?

The Future Of Mixed Use Space In City Design

por Mark Brickey

Brickey breaks down how commercial/residential buildings were created and how they solve many urban housing problems.


Facebook Is Just As Bad As We All Guessed

por Mark Brickey

Today Brickey and members of the Circle of Trust breakdown the Facebook Whistleblower interview from 60 Minutes and talk about how Facebook may be even more disgusting than what he had all imagined. 

Designing Superman | The DKNG Show 41

por Mark Brickey

DKNG Shares the details on creating the vinyl packaging and illustrations for the original Superman movie soundtrack and breakdown a recent gig poster automobile illustration for 311. 

What's Your Value When Your Wife Makes More?

por Mark Brickey

A new generation of men are adjusting to being second best at earning income for their families and doing so with few role models from their youth. 

1 Minute After The Dinosaurs Disappeared

por Mark Brickey

Today's episode we announce a... DESIGN CONTEST (pause for applause) and breakdown what happened one minute after the dinosaurs disappeared. How's that for variety! CODE: AID
Win Our Free iPad Pro #GARMnation

NFT AUTOPSY with Mitch Putnam

por Mark Brickey

Mitch Putnam is back and today we kick off a whole new conversation and way of looking at NFTs.

True Crime Roast - Alex Murdaugh Murder Mystery

por Mark Brickey

Alex Murdaugh Murder Mystery has a TON of problems. We break down this insane story from the idiots perspective. 

Adventures In Design VS Armchair Expert with Connie Collingsworth

por Mark Brickey

Connie plays Brickey 15 minutes of another podcast… Brickey starts a war.

This Brand Is Your Home | Thunderking I Heart Costa Mesa

por Mark Brickey

Our good friend Thunderking visits us to talk about his new business venture I Heart Costa Mesa. Brickey breaks down how Dean's the right guy for the job and how this might be the right business model for you! 

TV Sports Reporter Carrlyn Bathe Had A BIG Problem | WYFP 13

por Mark Brickey

Carl returns to Adventures In Design to make her first appearance on WYFP, where she shares a BIG problem.

Color Theory from GARM's Colorama

por Mark Brickey

Emir from GARM Company shares the detail on his new creative tool Colorama that will allow designers and illustrators to quickly make better color selections for their projects. 

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Bad Design with Dan Stiles - No.4 | The Pimple of Boom

por Mark Brickey

Dan Stiles return with a bucket of bad logos and even worse ideas. Enter the pimple of boom if you dare!!! Where you will see fucking logos and so much bad design it will blow your precious mind!!!

Bad Design is podcast series with Dan Stiles and Mark Brickey focusing on where good ideas go wrong with bad design.

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Back To School Freelance Challenge

por Mark Brickey

Do you want to get your 2022 off to a good start? Then consider taking the Back To School Freelance Challenge and use your fall to transform your new year into your most successful one!

Peace, Love And Misunderstanding | Woodstock 1999 with Connie Collingsworth

por Mark Brickey

Today Connie and Mark look back at Woodstock 99 through the lens of the HBO Max documentary that shines the light on just how dangerous the event was and hopefully how far we have come as a society.

Freelance or Die? OR The Death of Freelance?

por Mark Brickey

Brickey tells the story of 3 Dans and challenges you to audit your goals and more importantly your path to achieving them. Circle of Trust members share their reasons for staying free of freelance. 

Classic Girt Baseball Club

por Mark Brickey

Arthur and Riley of Classic Grit share their mutual love of baseball and explain how they transformed their fandom into a thriving apparel line for baseball fans that love the sport just like they do. 

Follow Your Talents Not Your Lame Client | WYFP 10

por Mark Brickey

The long-term value of following your talents instead of constantly being slowed down by short-term projects for clients that don't matter. And the best clause you probably don't have in your freelance contracts.

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Illustrator Designer | Dan Gretta

por Mark Brickey

Let's break down some of Dan Gretta's masterful design and type compositions and get a better understanding of why such a talented illustrator designer would decide to turn his back on freelancing.

Today’s Work Can Be Seen Here:

SKINNER | Publishing Your Own Comic & Hiring Yourself!

por Mark Brickey

One of the all time BEST Adventures In Design guest returns to share how a pandemic pushed him into publishing his own 64 page comic and in the process realizing the best client for Skinner is himself! More great things to come from this project:

Get Smart With Your Dumb Ideas

por Mark Brickey

Should you hold back on your ideas for fear of someone taking them and applying them to their business? How do you stay curious about new technology but not get too sidetracked?

The Guardians Of The Morality | OKpants

por Mark Brickey

Illustrator & Graphic Design OKpants rebranded the Cleveland Browns 3 years ago as a self initiated design challenge. Last week the former Cleveland Indians rebranded themselves... Using the same theme as OKpants. How does he feel about this?

Bad Design | Rich Guys Rocket Measuring Contest

por Mark Brickey

Dan Stiles joins us to not only review some Bad Design, but also a couple of good designs too. Plus we look at what is the responsibility of being a billionaire and do hobbies really suck?

"Under Your Influence" The Power Of Positive Peer Pressure

por Mark Brickey

Brickey takes a long look back at a constant trend in his life that has always lead to personal and professional success.

Evel Knievel Volume I | Podcasterous With Colonel Tower

por Mark Brickey

Colonel Tower and Brickey share their mutual love of Evel Knievel and the insanity of his rich life.

Podcasterous is a monthly podcast produced by the in conjunction with KComposite Media's Heres The Tower podcast.

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