Americarnage #11: Whoa! Bodyform!


podcast: Americarnage

Nat, Mike and Dan get in touch with their feminine side by deciding to ignore the start of the NBA and NHL playoffs, and instead riffing on the topic of female hygiene products...

In other news: basketball gets down to brass tacks; could the Hornets sting the Lakers?; Chris Apostle threatens to elbow his own mother; will the Heat sneak up on everyone?; Nat's Ducks drop out of the Stanley Cup; Sharks and Kings - the Greatest Game Ever Played?; Boston's lamentable power play; the Canucks try to blow it; the team gets PMT; how much hockey is too much hockey?; Nashville Predators find their feet; Bud Selig upsets the nation; the Dodgers face tough times - could Mike step in?; Charlie Sheen gets dumped; to Wildcard or not to Wildcard?; the latest lockout shennanigans; Brandon Marshall gets stabbed; who will the Panthers pick?; will the Colts replace Peyton?; Cam Newton - the new Vince Young?; the worst movies of all time EVER; Troll 2 rules; Fred Savage - behind the lens; the roughest towns in America; the Americarnage book club         

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