Americarnage #182: Camden Used to be Cool


podcast: Americarnage

Nat and Dan caper into the studio, know that Mike can't make it hits week and convinced, after last time's near-miss, that they'll get to do a 'Carnage After Dark,. Luckily for the whole world, man of the hour and All-Pro friend of the show Phil Spooner is there to keep things legal.

In other news: Nat talks about his showbiz lifestyle; Dan talks documentaries; Phil talks documentaries; they all talk documentaries; sports stuff starts arouin 20 minutes in if you want to skip; in the NFL there are deals to be done, fingers to be mended and questiopns to be asked; in the NBA it's Vegas, Free Agency and upcoming strikes; MLB is all about the All Stars and hockey is all about big deals and Canadian drugs; loads of Bodean's Mailbag goodness as usual and a game which goes so badly it's good. Much, much more too...

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