Americarnage #190: Hollywood Dan, Podcrasher


podcast: Americarnage

Nat, Mike and special guest Paolo “The Great” Bandini arrive at the studio this week with a sense of purpose which is dimmed only by a slight sense of foreboding. There have been sightings of Hollywood back on English soil. What can this mean? They don’t have to wait long to find out…

In other news: HdP has brought a bunch of Mancave products for the guys and Mike gets a little unnecessary about it; Paolo has seen some documentaries and starts getting into that when Dan Podcrashes his way into the building; luckily there’s very little violence as he’s a little jetlagged and pleasingly squishy; Mike talks about The Crime Vault Live – his and HdP’s new show all about crime fiction; the final round for the Mancave Mystery Star Prize is beginning – exciting isn’t the word; there was NFL at Wembley in case you hadn’t noticed and it was basically the Chris Ivory show; Miami coaching job was outsourced on the way home; the Bears pick up a win; the Bengals seem shakily like a real deal at 4-0; things happen in the MLB, Nat tells you about them; loads of goodness from the Mancave Mailbag and indeed a big pile of much, much more….

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