Americarnage #195: BrassellMania


podcast: Americarnage

With the Iron One out of action this week Nat and Dan decide that they’ve got to get a man of equal stature in, a sports writer and broadcaster of impeccable creds and unbounded charm. So not like Mike at all then. Luckily the ‘Carnage little black book comes up trumps with the brilliant Andy Brassell whose sports writing chops are so good he WATCHES NBA FOR FUN. Nuff said. Also, Carlson has sent an NFL round-up and listen out at the end for a phone message from friend of the show Vladimir Putin.

In other news: Nat is ill but powering through; Dan has seen Mississippi Grind and rates it; Ryan Reynolds gets a mention; Belgian and Dutch film gets a very short look-in; Nat talks muppets, an easy stretch for this show; Andy talks second educations; in the NFL the Bengals have surpassed the haters to seem like the real deal, something which will now mean they lose next week; the Colts show up this week, derailing the terrible yet otherwise winning Broncos; the Panthers are still unbeaten, as are the Pats who are the subject of a my-first-NFL chat for newbie Andy; in the NBA the Cavs lead the East; Warriors lead the west – all as expected - the Pelicans, the Nets and the 76ers have lost every game so far – so they are NOT good; in the NHL the Canadiennes replacement goalie Mike Condon is crushing it; Gary Bettman says there is no plans to expand the NHL currently, which means no-one bought Las Vegas Unlimited Buffet season tickets; loads of top-class Mancave Mailbag action; Dan brings it with a game; there’s a competition – and of course much, much more…

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