Americarnage #196: A-Vernon-Kay-nage


podcast: Americarnage

Nat, Mike and Dan rock up at the studio to find a pile of Mancave goodies on the table which means there must be a guest about but damned if they can see him. They get started only to catch a glimpse of movement which resolves itself into TV, radio and indeed NFL’s Vernon Kay who had woven himself into the fabric of the place using Mancave's new CamoMoisturiser. Or they're a bit crap at seeing. Either or.
In other news: Mike lists every single cast member of a show; Vernon has had etiquette lessons with Andrew Luck but in the end rocks a travel cup; Nat and Mike are starting their 5Live NFL coverage at 8pm on Thanksgiving and every Sunday after; the Bengals keep their primetime jinx going; the Pats keep rolling;’ the “is it the end of Peyton Manning” question gets an airing again; grass-roots Football in the UK and the future of the sport in the UK gets a surprisingly coherent discussion; in the NBA Cleveland lead the East from Chicago; the unbeaten Golden State Warriors lead the San Antonio Spurs in the West; the NHL has a new leader in the East, the New York Rangers are above Montreal who have played and lost one more; in the West it’s Dallas and St Louis; loads of #AskVern and Mancave Mailbag action; Dan breaks out a cracker of a game created with Vernon in mind plus much, much more...

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