Americarnage #197: Crosse Promotional Activity


podcast: Americarnage

Nat and Dan have started the show before they realise there’s something wrong – they’re talking to each other without interruption and able to finish sentences unimpeded. Damn and blast it if the Iron One isn’t on IR with a nonspecific! Saving them, and you, from an Americarnage After Dark though is the one and only Simon Crosse, sports producer extraordinaire, Bluejays fanatic and producer of Nat and Mike’s 5Live Sports Extra show, starting with a triple-header this Thanksgiving Thusday. This gets mentioned in the show. A little.

In other news: Dan has been to the dentist; Simon has in his possession something so good that the person who recommended it to him wants to become him; some people look like other people, this can be funny; the very first messages are coming through on the Americarnage Speakpipe; Thusdayt is shaping up like Americarnage on 5Live as Dan gets involved; Seattle continues the Niners lousy season; Joe Flacco is out but sets up a win with a busted knee; Case Keenum is one unlucky guy; Danny Amendola is injured again, poor devil; refereeing is still shocking; in the NBA the Cavaliers lead the East from Miami, who have won 3 on the bounce and are starting to gel; Golden State lead the West from the Spurs and Golden State are now the league’s only undefeated team; in the land of huckenshuck New York and Montreal are tied at the top of the East; Dallas handily lead St Louis at the top of the West; loads of Mancave Mailbag goodness happens; Simon saves the gang from a gameless week with his list of Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame nominees which means Dan is in the picture for the first time, well, ever; all this and the requisite much, much more…

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