Americarnage #198: Three Man Spooning


podcast: Americarnage

Mike and Dan rock up at the studio this week to find that Nat is on IR with a kids party but that all-pro friend of the show Mr Phil Spooner is in the house, or is he?

In other news: Dan spills the beans about a personal matter of Phil’s without Phil even being in the studio; Black Mass takes a panning; Peep Show gets a rare mention; NFL refereeing is even more lunatic this week; Carolina stay unbeaten while the Pats are no longer perfect; the Jest beat Miami; Phil’s predictive powers are strong; in the NBA the Cavaliers lead the East from the streaking Pacers, who have won a Paul George inspired five straight; in the West it’s Golden State Warriors from the San Antonio Spurs; Kobe is retiring just to make sure the story is always about him; there’s some baseball chat but not a great deal; in the NHL Montreal are back on top of the east after New York had a slippy week; in the west Dallas lead St Louis by a good few points, and if that doesn’t encourage people to start foiling their empty arena, what will; loads of goodness from the Mancave mailbag and there’s even a Speakpipe message to help with the much, much more…

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