Americarnage #200: Subterranean ‘Carnage Blues


podcast: Americarnage

Nat, Mike and Dan assemble for the remarkably round-number-ish 200th time in the Americarnage studio, just a couple of doors down from where it all started almost exactly five years ago.

It’s Christmas, we’re five years old - what better to do than invite all-pro creepy uncle and most-capped guest Mr Marek Larwood to join them as they open presents, eat cake, drink champagne and wonder what the bloody hell has happened to mean that the show is still going…

Along the way there are messages from old favourites such as The First Lady and Vladimir Putin, Mike rewrites Dylan and performs it amazingly* as well as competitions, prizes, mailbag goodness, games and even some sports in this bumper 79 (!) minute show. Make it last though folks, we’ll be taking a break until the new year but in the mean time have a brilliant Christmas, a stonking New Year and we’ll see you on the other side. Huge thanks from Nat, Mike, Dan and HdP to everyone who has joined us over the years and of course all you brilliantly mental listeners.

*seriously, we were amazed.

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