Americarnage #201: Happy New Carnage!


podcast: Americarnage

Nat, Mike and Dan assemble in the studio for the first time in what seems like nowhere near long enough and their tails are up as there’s lots to discuss! In the time since the gang were last on air a whole new year has started, the playoff berths have been decided and, which is more, Mike has written a haiku. It’s haunting.

In other news: Nat’s favourite year so far was 1923 which is mildly confusing; Dan has seen all the films ever, in a row, then topping up with Netflix; Mike talks Homeland; Nat talks Feinstein; in the NFL Mike went 10-6 and swept the NFLUK Experts panel; Brady stunk up the joint while Peyton looked like the old Peyton; Carolina kept it to one loss to keep the top seed; Seattle play Minnesota this weekend and Green Bay will play the Washington Racistnames; meanwhile, surprisingly few coaches have lost their jobs… in the NBA the Cavs lead the East, comfortably ahead of your Chicago Bulls; in the West it’s the Golden State Warriors ahead of the Spurs, the Thunder and the Clippers; in the NHL Washington lead the East, from Florida, who have had an impeccable Christmas where they beat everyone. Dallas lead the West from LA; Mike talks College Ball nad Bowl Games Galore; lots of goodness from the Mancave Mailbag and even time for a game besides the much, much more…

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