Americarnage #207: The British Gammon Council


podcast: Americarnage

Nat and Dan bound into the studio full of the sort of joyous energy that can only mean that all-pro friend of the show Marek Larwood is in the house. With the Big Man on IR this week the three of them set to discussing the most important topics they can – HdP’s pen, the shady world of gammon dealing and definitions of subcultures. Oh, and some sports!

In other news: seriously, the British Gammon Council are more powerful than you will ever know; Mancave are dishing out free things to everyone, just download the app and they will come your way; we’re giving away our share too – this week’s twitter comp Clean Up Your Act had an epic load of entries but there had to be a winner and it’s Jamie Foyle who gets a big box of stuff; in the Mancave question of the week comp on the app Peter Crisp from Thatcham wins stuff too; then there’s stuff that doesn’t involve competitions, like the NFL! Iron Mike phones it in with an amazingly two minute round-up in off-season; in the NBA the Warriors lead the West from San Antonio and Oklahoma; Cleveland lead the East from Toronto and Miami, who are miles back; NHL-wise Washington lead the East from Florida, but the Pannthers may as well give up on top spot because they are so far behind they might as well; in the West – Chicago, Dallas, St Louis - sound familiar? there's the usual insightful stuff from the Mancave Mailbag; Dan is watching all the Oscar films and the guys run through the prospects and of course much, much more…

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