1956 All-Star Game

Dennis Humphrey

podcast: Baseball Historian Podcast

1956 All-Star Game,7/10/56,The scorecards at this game must of read like a directory at the Baseball Hall Of Fame. Willie Mays and Stan Musial hit two home runs for the National League. Mickey Mantle (during his infamous Triple Crown season) and Ted Williams hit two home runs for the American League. Another stand out player was third baseman Ken Boyer who had three hits and three dazzling plays in the field. Once again, the National League won (for the sixth time in seven games) and closed the gap in the series to 13-10. Yankee Manager Casey Stengel continued to suffer at the hands of the senior circuit. He was 1-5 in All-Star games and finding it impossible to match his opponents momentum. oldtimeradiodvd.com

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