The Bigfoot Live Radio Show-387 12 March 2014

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THE BIGFOOT LIVE RADIO SHOW. SHOW-387 - 12 MARCH 2014 SHOW OUTLINE AND GUESTS: 1. MARCO BILL DOES SHOUT OUTS TO OUR FRIENDS, EXTENDED FAMILY AND LISTENERS. 2. MARCO BILL INTERVIEWS JESSIE OF ALABAMA AND TALK ABOUT HIS ENCOUNTER EXPERIENCES FROM WHEN HE WAS A KID TO PRESENT DAY EXPERIENCES. 3. MARCO BILL INTERVIEWS RICHARD OF NEW YORK AND WE GET A REPORT OF RECENT EVENTS IN HIS AREA. 4. MARCO BILL INTERVIEWS ANTHONY OF VA AND TALKS ABOUT RECENT ACTIVITY IN HIS AREA. SEE RECENT TREE FORMATION BELOW: NEW PICTURE 5. TOM , ROCKY AND SWEDE AND SFBI TEAM GIVE LIVE REPORT FROM THE FIELD ON EXPEDITION. 7. MARCO BILL OPENS THE SHOW FOR ALL THE GUESTS TO ASK QUESTIONS AND INTERFACE WITH EACH OTHER. LAST REMARKS AND COMMENTS THEN CLOSE THE SHOW. LINK TO CHATROOM - THE LATEST MOVIE RELEASE AVAILABLE NOW!!! BIGFOOT LIVES-3 Follow the Searching for Bigfoot Team as they continue the quest for this elusive creature. See eyewitnesses to something the world thinks does not exist. These People know it does! Five locations from Illinois to Arizona. HEY EVERYONE!!! SFBI made history at the 2011 9th Annual Pocono Mountains Film Festival! For the first time ever, 2 films were chosen for the top prize in the category of "BEST DOCUMENTARY". The competition was stiff with 6 great films nominated in the genre', 2 of which were "ANATOMY OF A BIGFOOT HOAX" and "BIGFOOT LIVES 2" (Also a first for the PMFF, having 2 films from the same film makers nominated). In the end, it was those 2 films that took the top prize of "BEST DOCUMENTARY" for 2011. TO PURCHASE YOUR COPY GO TO UNTIL NEXT WEEK - MARCO BILL

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