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Range of Emotions ep.111

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The new episode of the Range of Emotions podcast has landed finally . This is also the last one for this year so I would thank all of You for the support all year long and wish You a Happy Christmas and and happy new Year . See You next year . Jiminy Hop - Thousend miles underground Sapiens - Culture shop ( Anthony G remix ) Filter Cuts - Umbral ( Nice shot & Armando Guerreo remix ) Blue Cell - Hadopelagic zone ( Imran Khan remix ) Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic - Follow me ( Lank remix ) Adli Ymeri - Sweet paradox Andre Hecht - Carneval Grimmaldika - Polytoxicologia Leandro Taibbi - Materialism Alex Justino - Antilophia Dino Leny - Plastic men Francesca Lombardo - Aurora Pezzner - Right place , right time GoldFFicnh - Diligence Jacob Singer - Paranormal radioactivity Franky Carbon-e - Transients https://www.mixcloud.com/ceejaypeeton/range-of-emotions-ep111/