Clayesmore English Literature at AS and A2 level

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A series of short talks for students studying Engish Literature in Years 12 and 13.


Keats: Nightingale Ode

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A short introduction to Keats's Ode to a Nightingale.

Keat Letters, an introduction

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A 20 minute introduction to some of the letters of John Keats, but really you need to read them. The Oxford Classics Edition is a very good single volume edition.

Revised Analysis of Fall of Hyperion

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An exploration of Keats's long poem, looking at the story itself and what Keats was trying to expore in his writing of it.

Keats: The Fall of Hyperion

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Keats's great late poem, The Fall of Hyperion, is a fusion of so much of his earlier writing and of his own wide reading.

Keats: Ode on Melancholy

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Short talk on Keats's Ode on Melancholy for students of A level English Literature.

Keats: To Autumn

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A 15 minute talk for A level students about Keats's extraordinary poem, To Autumn. This podcast tries to identify what it is about the poem that has led so many people to regard it as one of the finest poems in the English language.