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Sam, Jerry, and Joe discuss their thoughts and draw from their combined experience of over 20 years in the Apple Consultants Network (ACN).


434: Interview With Jon Brown CEO of Grove Technologies

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-We welcome Jon Brown of Grove Technologies. Jon is a long time VIP supporter of the show.

-Jon recalls attending a WWE even with the CCP crew, thanks to Joe’s sister.

-Starting a new business proved to be challenging initially. He talks about his learning curve and experiences building his current business.

-Jon has a concept like Uber for Tech Support.

-Grove Technologies is going to offer its internal SaaS based tool for other businesses and industries. There are integrations built for other tools like Addigy, Watchman, Jamf, etc.

-Working with others as a sub contractor can help broaden your area of expertise as a company.

-Hiring remote technicians has proven to be useful to Jon’s business model.

-Should you increase your onsite rate vs remote?

-Do your clients care if you or your staff make onsite visits to their offices?

-Grove Technologies has put their stake in the ground about being a remote only support company.

-People still don’t seem to grasp the concept of password management or Multi-Factor Authentication.

-Cybersecurity training for end users can be incredibly useful. It can also provide some discounts with insurance.

-Malwarebytes for Mac proves to be less powerful than the Windows version. 

-Hook Security and Breach Secure Now are two big services to help with employee training.

-Jerry has some recommended security methods for his clients.

-Customers have a tendency to conflate security terms like VPN vs firewall.

-Jon wants you to become a sponsor of the show!

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Thank you to our Patreon Sponsors!

433: Part 2 with Tim Nyberg of The MacGuys+

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-Joe ponders the question, what about requiring a monthly plan?

-Everyone debates the merits of a managed services only approach.

-One of Jerry’s customers mistakenly deleted mass amounts of Gmail data synced with Apple Mail. Retrieval wasn’t a simple solution due to how Google “labels” items in comparison to folders in Apple Mail.

-One of Tim’s clients that stored everything in Apple Mail had a catastrophic issue.

-Is Apple Mail a professional mail client? The ongoing debate continues.

-Backupify offers native server side backups for Google and Microsoft 365. 

-Backblaze affiliate accounts can be an additional revenue stream for consultants.

-Alerting customers to issues that come from services like Watchman Monitoring is one thing. But getting them to take action is another.

432: Skin In The Game - Part 1 with Tim Nyberg of The MacGuys+

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-Tim Nyberg joins us as a guest co-host

-Half of Tim’s small business clients have either gone away or gone out of business.

-Tim had to adjust his business to being a “one man show” again.

-The stress of letting people go is tough for any business owner.

-Joe’s latest newsletter impresses Jerry.

-The frequency of newsletters and their purpose is debated and discussed.

-Infusionsoft is Tim’s CRM. He uses RepairShopr as well.

-Another consideration is the ratio of educational vs marketing newsletters.

-Naturally, the conversation begins to shift to sole proprietors vs a small business with employees.

-What questions are you trying to answer in your business model?

-Joe talks about how he used to carry RAM in his bag when he visited clients.

-The Personal Support Plan by Watchman Monitoring was the spark for some consultancies using the MSP model.

-As we discuss the age old question of charging for Watchman Monitoring, Jerry has gone the route of moving clients to a larger package to include Addigy MDM as well. 

431: Pavlov's Squirrels

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-Jerry describes some of his wireless challenges in his house as he moves from Eero to UniFi. 
-The UniFi Doorbell G4 is the latest addition to his UniFi suit of products.
-Using a headless Mac mini, he utilizes Home Bridge to add devices that are not HomeKit compatible.
-Similarly, Sam uses a Chamberlain Wi-Fi garage door opener with a “Home Bridge” device that is extremely unreliable.
-“Hey Squirrely”
-Hardware availability and keeping devices in stock is a constant challenge and moving target.
-Sam tried to get a straight answer out of UniFi support for default settings to enable/disable to improve network functionality. They supplied a support article:
-The UniFi Smart Plug is a very useful device at an excellent price point:
-Joe & Sam gush over their Apple Silicon computers and Jerry shares his unhappiness. 
-Target Disk Mode and Apple Silicon. Is this still a thing?
-Joe prefers using Time Machine backups as a migration source.
-Jerry uses to hire a VoiceOver actor for a customer voicemail system.

428: Easing into Managed Services with Allen Hancock

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This week’s episode of Command Control Power will be a patron only feature. You can find this episode if you are a supporter of Command Control Power on Patreon. You can also click on the Support link in the menu above. If you are not yet a supporter, feel free to sign up! We think you will enjoy hearing it. Let us know your feedback if you do. In the meantime, enjoy a highlight from an older episode.

427: Guest Host - Tim Pearson of CreativeTechs

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  • This week we welcome long time supporter of the show, Tim Pearson of Creative Techs.

  • Tim joins us as a co-host.

  • He talks about traveling on the ferry to do onsite work.

  • The group discusses the wildfires out west.

  • Tim shares a story about the time he made a mistake of wearing a Star Wars shirt, causing his meeting to go way overtime.

  • The group helps Tim with approaching a mistake he made in his business.

  • Jerry’s talks about the “Screwdriver Effect”

  • Getting fired by a client is a great opportunity to take another look at how you do things.

  • Everyone discusses MSP and contracts with clients.

  • How are the group members finding new work throughout the pandemic?

  • Sam explains how he started getting referrals from the Apple stores.

  • The group talks about the Apple Consultants Network program and its benefits.

  • What is everyone seeing regarding to employees coming back to the offices?

  • Some people work better in offices and some at home.

  • Do you have employees or paid friends?

426: Who Am I?

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  • Jerry & Joe discuss client credibility.   

  • Jerry recently did work with a client who made changed without consulting him.

  • How do you build up credibility with your clients?

  • Jerry takes photos of projects he is proud of as a method to show his work to other clients.

  • What is the most effective way to communicate what you do with your clients?

  • Clients don’t always have the same image of you that you have of yourself.

  • Joe describes how he uses keywords on his site to appeal to potential customers.

  • Photos are worth a thousand words.

  • A good URL shortener that Jerry recommends is

  • There can be tremendous benefits when there is an inherent level of trust with the client.

  • Some clients want to know exactly what you do for the money they’re paying and some just completely trust you.

  • When there isn’t a level of trust between you and the client if can make things difficult.

425: The Appointments You Make Are Equal To The Appointments You Take

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-Jerry shakes Sam’s tree to get the skinny on a fancy pants email signature he has from Wisestamp.
-As a part of his updated signature, Jerry includes features like a “pay now” link and social media buttons.
-One concern Sam has is including the Harmonizely link to book time.
-We continue part of a conversation from a “patron only” episode.
-What are the fees of waiting for payment vs a fee of a credit card transaction?
-Sam uses Moonclerk, integrated with Stripe for credit card payments.
-Harmonizely is now a full part of Sam’s workflow. He is now convincing Matt on his team to do the same. has acquired Harmonizely and has added to their already impressive features.
-Joe talks about a book called “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris.
-Sam talks about the mindset he needs in order to be able to take tech support calls.
-As part of being cautious with available time, Jerry explains methods used to curate his available time on Harminzely.

424: Ducktape and Popsicle Stick Solution

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  • Jerry recently took the Addigy Certified Expert training

  • Text Sniper is an incredibly useful tool that is like OCR for your screen:

  • Jerry uses it during a presentation to capture text for notes.

  • Addigy integrating Splashtop is a welcome addition to their feature set for remote support.

  • Joe tells a funny story about Outlook reminders in his latest peeves corner.

  • He prefers first party because he likes to know Apple’s solution first and know the ins and outs.

  • The group discusses Mail issues.

  • Western Digital MyCloud Drive isn’t our favorite choice for customers.

  • We have to choose the right equipment or software for our clients based on what is right for them but also what we can support well.

  • Sam shares a funny story about trying to talk to a tech person at Staples.

  • Should the group start a show where they go to local stores and ask tech questions?

  • Joe talks about the times before he was an Apple consultant and shares the story about how he found out about the Apple Consultants Network.

  • Is Sam Neo from the Matrix?

  • The crew talks about older, unreliable software like Retrospect

  • Jerry has an internet recovery issue with a local Mac mini acting as a content cache

423: Dress Your Best & Billable Rates

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  • Jerry talks about the used Mcintosh amplifier from 1967 he recently got for himself.

  • He gives a warning about energizing older products like this because it can be dangerous.

  • What is appropriate to wear on the job?

  • Sam shares a story about his clients dog ripping his brand new corduroys.

  • There’s a certain value you provide when you dress the part.

  • Joe shares some of his favorite button down shirts.

  • The group discusses raising rates and how to communicate that you are doing so with clients.

  • Sam explains that he has stopped giving discounts to new clients to win them over because he charges what his services are worth.

  • Jerry likes to slowly creep his rates up so it isn’t a huge jump.

  • Sam recently increased his hourly rates and he explains how he’d rather have longer term relationships with his clients and his pricing shows that.

  • Adding valuable monthly services helps you to bill outside of hourly labor.

  • The group discusses billing for network monitoring.

422: 2015 Interview With Alsoft Makers Of Disk Warrior

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For this week’s episode of Command Control Power, we have decided to run a little experiment. We are making this episode a patron only feature. You can find this episode if you are a supporter of Command Control Power on Patreon. You can also click on the Support link in the menu above. Sign up if you are not yet a supporter. If you are a supporter of the show, you can simply log in to Patreon and you will be able to enjoy this week’s episode which we promise is extra juicy. It has some interesting client issues and interactions and we think you will enjoy hearing it. Let us know your feedback if you do. In the meantime, enjoy a highlight from an older episode.

420: Floppy Emu

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-A family approaches Jerry about retrieving data from a Mac SE. The story has some depth to it outside of the technical. 
-Jerry gets an assist with the Emu, which behaves exactly like a real disk drive, requiring no special software or drivers:
-A tool available in Windows to view these files was
-Another win was an online file converter called
-Joe had some anecdotes about older Mac computers and accessories he had in high school. 
-WWJD (What Would Joe Do)?
-TextExpander was proving to be troublesome for Jerry and he was given an interesting workaround involving Mission Control. 
-Some other tools we like are Keyboard Maestro and Alfred
-Jerry puts Joe on the hot seat about taxes. Joe actually has a story to tell about dealing with the IRS. 
-Are chicken coops tax deductible?
-Pro Tip - for speed tests. 
-Joe recommends Proton Mail for secure email communication. Especially for data at rest. is recommended by Proton Mail to test security of your email messages. 

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Thank you to our Patreon sponsors!

419: When Jiggled by The Jiggler

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Season 8 is here!

  • Thank you to our long time sponsor, Jon Brown of Grove Technologies for his continued and increased support of Command Control Power.

  • If you would like to contribute to the show, please visit

  • In the latest “I should have known this” corner, Joe learned something new about widgets from the TidBITs newsletter.

  • Sam adds another TidBITs tip about AirTags.

  • Jerry revisits the Mouse Jiggler app from Episode 246: Let Go Of My Echo or Echo Location that helped his Fusion Drive encryption proceed, and shares some excellent feedback from Tom Bridge re: encryption requiring the mouse to be moving. Tom suspected Apple is "using the entropy from the mouse cursor to do part of the encryption" which is apparently the case in High Sierra with APFS (although Jerry's drive was not APFS). 

  • Jiggler 1.9 : No-Doz for your Mac

  • A benefit to working remotely is that the client won’t see every time you have to google an answer!

  • Sam purchased a 13 inch MacBook pro M1 and then somehow a random serial number got added to his apple business manager.

  • He made the mistake of not listening to Joe’s rules for making a new migration work properly.

  • Joe and Sam are both very happy with their newer M1 computers since they finally have devices that can keep up with everything they do.

  • Jerry suggests Synology Migration Assistant because it works very well for him.

  • While completing a migration Jerry ran into a password problem.

  • Both Joe & Jerry have gathered a treasure-trove of knowledge from a series of YouTube videos from SpaceRex. He has put out helpful videos that can improve Synology performance like this one:

  • Little tips like disabling SMB1 or SMB encryption on Synology to increase speeds have been helpful.

  • Jerry also talks about the realities link aggregation.

  • Always consider the quality of drives you add to your drive array.

  • Avoid SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording) drives and look instead for CMR (Conventional Magnetic Recording) drives.

  • “Cache” is king.

  • Jerry has a real issue with terrible unboxing videos.

  • Jerry would love to have a better partner relationship with Synology.

  • Joe wants to talk more about ransomware, malware, and protecting your data more in future episodes.

  • Important tip: Always have a backup!

  • There are risks to relying solely on backups without an “air gap”.

  • Sam and Joe highly recommends the Security Advisor on Synology

418: Interview With James Chiappetta, Security Expert From Better Appsec

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Consumer empowerment. The individual should be able to actively manage their own data via consent, access, and correction mechanisms. In the event of a lack of adherence to these principles, there must be a way for the individual to address the breach without negative consequences. >>

417: Nana-Technology or Sitting In A Bubble Of Time

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  • Sam gives a shoutout to Armin Briegel of Scripting OS X for solving a huge problem he was having. If you’re not subscribing to his site, you should be.

  • Being a part of the Mac Admins community is invaluable.

  • Joe talks about creating a custom AppleScript to sync data in the Photos app. Jerry brings up an interesting point about support over the network.

  • Note to self: Triple the estimate when quoting a scripting/automation job!

  • The group talks about their automation processes.

  • One of Sam’s old difficult clients who he had not talked to in years reached out to him for help. He was not sure how to respond.

  • Joe shared a similar story about a client who rebook things off with him coming back after years.

  • Jerry says that taking notes can be extremely helpful especially when trying to remember what happened with a client in the past. Daylite is an excellent tool for documenting this information and attaching to a client record.

  • Sam tried to part ways with a client that was very time consuming but he didn’t have the heart.

  • Joe shares a tip on setting up hot corners because even though they’ve been useful, they also drive him crazy.

  • Shoutout to the TidBits content newsletter for sharing tips that even the professionals don’t know!

416: Interview With Annie Chen VP Of Product At Splashtop Inc

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  • This week we are joined by Annie Chen, the VP of product management at Splashtop.

  • Splashtop is a Silicon Valley company founded in 2006 that started off as a browser based product.

  • Today they focus on remote access to your devices, working closely with GPU manufacturers to optimize and leverage hardware encoding to achieve high performance.

  • Jerry commends Splashtop on the feature parity and he talks about how Mac had seemed to always receive the short end of the stick with other remote access products.

  • Splashtop has three major offerings: Splashtop Business Access, Splashtop Remote Support - useful for MSPs looking to replace their RMM products, and Splashtop SOS for quick remote access.

  • It is easy to try out and adjust to Splashtop, which Jerry found really helpful.

  • Sam recently tried to use SOS with a customer and ran up against macOS security settings but was able to deal with it by blindly typing in admin credentials on a Mac

  • Annie explains how the Safe Reboot feature works, which will help you reboot a computer remotely without losing access.

  • Jerry likes how the screens that Splashtop SOS presents to the clients because it makes it easier for them to know what to do.

  • Joe has been really happy with the consumer side of Splashtop as well.

  • With Splashtop’s next version release, Mac Streamer will support native hardware encoding.

  • They have recently formalized their MSP support group and an advisory panel.

  • Splashtop is also working on having a specific build for M1 that they hope will be a universal binary and installed on Mac as a whole.

  • They have just launches a monthly subscription plan for Splashtop’s remote support product.

  • With Splashtop your subscription can grow as your business does.

  • The group is impressed with Splashtop’s feature set in general.

  • Jerry mentioned how Splashtop’s competitor would show advertisements even though you paid for the product.

  • Focusing on security and protection, Splashtop has set up a security advisory counsel as well.

  • Annie says the remote support and SOS products are really great for MSPs and service class teams.

  • Visit to set up a free trial and see what all the fuss is about.

415: Interview With Jason Dettbarn / Founder & CEO of Addigy - Cloud Based Mac Management Platform

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  • This week we are excited to be joined by Jason Dettbarn, the founder and CEO of Addigy.

  • Dates for The Addigy User Summit have been booked for February, 2022:

  • Throughout the pandemic, they started seeing more VPN and remote control technology being put into use in order to manage devices.

  • COVID forced the whole IT industry to improve, since everything had to be done remotely.

  • Jason explains how the pandemic has actually effected his business positively.

  • Take a European summer this summer authorized by Jason Dettbarn.

  • Sam and Jerry think Joe’s been on a break for the past three years.

  • Joe thanks Jason for the great product he’s created, specifically Addigy LiveDesktop while he does one of his famous remote migrations.

  • Additional remote control capabilities will be announced at their Innovation Summit.

  • Join Addigy for their Innovation Summit on June 15!

  • Quick Tip for Addigy users: Joe has a URL on his site for users to enroll into Addigy on the fly to allow management when they need it.

  • Addigy will be adding variables to their Custom Facts in an upcoming update.

  • Custom criteria will be added to allow auto assigning devices to a particular policy.

  • Addigy is the only multi tenancy solution to allow Single Sign-On for Mac.

  • Apps & Books deployment is now available in Self Service.

  • Thomas Reed from Malwarebytes will be joining the security panel of the Innovation Summit.

  • Addigy places a big value on community.

  • The Custom Fact feature allows you to report custom criteria about a computer that isn’t built into Addigy.

  • The community aspect is what allowed such a quick remediation of Silver Sparrow.

  • “Day zero” support is already too late. Jason explains how Addigy prepares.

  • The Command Control Power crew had their own Addigy Summit.

  • Use all of the features available to you when installing Addigy.

  • Addigy Certified Expert, Addigy Certified Associate certifications are available from Addigy:

  • Joe talks about maintaining software updates using Addigy.

  • Content caching is a feature that will explored in the near future.

  • Jerry has a theory about kernel panic alerts he has seen from some of his users.

  • Don’t forget about the Addigy Innovate Summit on June 15th!


414: Devolving Into Chaos

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  • Jerry talks about a problem he had shipping a package through Walgreens.

  • Jerry shares five tips of the day today.

    • Tip #1: Don’t ship your package through Walgreens.

    • Tip #2: Clean out your wallet.

    • Tip #3: Don’t carry a lot of money in your wallet.

    • Tip #4: Check in your settings in Backblaze to make sure you update it to more than 30 days.

    • Tip #5: If you create a folder in safari with multiple URLs, you will have the option to open all of the tabs.

  • ACN links that you may have been using on your websites have changed. (Shoutout Jason Golfarb for sharing this information.)

  • The cobbler’s son has no shoes.

  • There should be better tools for web browsing management.

  • The group discusses the Apple Airtags, Sam has used them to track his dog who runs away at night.

  • Both Joe and Sam have a bad time as they attempt to update the UniFi Controller. Joe found his answers online while Sam reached out to Ubiquiti support. In either case, the solution involves an SSH connection and running this command: apt update; apt install -y openjdk-8-jre-headless

  • Note to self, check the release notes.

  • Note 2 to self, don’t upgrade client networks on a Friday night.

  • One of Sam’s one off clients had a gen1 Cloud Key that crapped out. Matt used an old trick by getting into the Mongo database to store a new password and write it back to the cloud key.

  • Jerry talks about the great UniFi LTE device he installed with Joe and the group discusses payments for it.

  • Joe gives a quick tip on how to configure the device.

413: The Ultimate Technical Debt

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  • Jerry talks about what he likes about SmallCube.

  • The group talks about Apple supporting old hardware.

  • Joe finally purchased a new refurbished Mac!

  • Jerry talks about a problem with a computer that would not download Big Sur and kept going black that had a weird solution.

  • This leads into Joe’s story about problems with a laggy bluetooth keyboard.

  • Pro tip: Don’t let your device just sit around for a long period of time.

  • Jerry shares a theory about kernel panics.

  • People don’t read on screen warnings, which can lead to trouble.

  • They have a conversation about how useful Omni Disk Sweeper is.

  • Joe has an update to the df command thanks to listener Viktor Glemme.

  • Terminal commands can be very helpful and efficient if you learn how to work with them.

  • Jerry shares a story about a client that had trouble going to certain secure websites with Safari.

412: Place, Lift, Done!

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  • We give a shoutout to TidBits, which is a very useful subscription for consultants. Sign up for free apple content here:

  • Joe and Jerry talk about things they have noticed with clients who deal with memory loss.

  • Jerry talks about the difficulties of trying to instruct clients over the phone when you do not have remote access.

  • Value-based billing is a hot topic.

  • They talk about the touch ID on the new Mac and how it has been tripping people up.

  • Joe wonders what he is going to have an issue with when he is older even with his profession being completely technology focused now.

  • The group talks about purchasing from authorized “resellers”.

  • Why doesn’t Apple recognize purchasing from Apple authorized resellers as purchasing from Apple?

  • Jerry doesn’t often recommend Drobo, but he is concerned why there are still constraints in the supply chain.

  • The group discusses different products and how things have changed.

  • Joe talks about Promise and alternatives.

  • SoftRAID and OWC isn’t always a match made in heaven.

411: It’s Weird That It's Not Weird

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  • The group discusses the less than fruitful tech tag sale.

  • It’s weird that it isn’t weird to see people after awhile during the pandemic.

  • They talk about how things went when they met up for the first time in awhile.

  • Sam will not forget that Jerry owes him a cookie.

  • Joe struggled to diagnose a slow computer the other day. Turns out it was a heating problem and Jerry had to swoop in.

  • He shares an app he used to check the fan speed of a computer called Macs fan control.

  • The group thanks people who in the Slack community.

  • After Jerry praised Harmonizly a couple shows back, Joe suggested the app to a client and Sam ended up using it as well.

  • Sam shares a story about how he had to perform a wipe and setup a UDM Pro for a client whose previous technician had set himself as the owner. This leads to some head scratching results.

Thank you to our Patreon sponsors!

Thank you to our Patreon sponsors!

410: The Person Who Blows The Horn

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  • Sam tells a creepy story about something that happened with one of his old devices the other night.

  • Did anyone hear a train in the background?

  • Joe & Sam talk about social events during the pandemic and how much more we appreciate seeing each other.

  • Joe brings up live desktop with Addigy.

  • Stay tuned to an upcoming episode where we welcome back the CEO of Addigy, Jason Dettbarn.

  • Joe’s Tip: du -sh command to display disk usage statistics.

  • The group talks about the large amount of spam calls they’ve been getting.

  • Joe discovered that the spam callers have actually been using real people’s numbers. They wonder how the callers have been doing this.

  • Joe has time on his hands to talk to spam callers.

  • Sam discusses one of the weird issues he’s had with his replacement iPhone that he can’t really figure out. And Joe could be on to something with a SIM card issue.

409: Interview with Marketcircle CEO, Alykhan Jetha - Makers Of Daylite

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  • This week we are excited to be joined Alykhan Jetha, the founder, president, and CEO of Marketcircle.

  • Jerry talks about how impressed he is when he uses Daylite to run his own business.

  • AJ explains how he came around to creating the app Daylite when it was originally for their own needs.

  • Daylite was shown at Macworld when it first was created.

  • AJ shares a story about when Apple approached him and the other creators of Daylite and how hectic the next couple of months were.

  • The goal for Daylite is to help small businesses grow. The founders are working to make it easier to use in order to open it up for more people.

  • Why has Marketcircle focused on sticking with the Apple platform?

  • AJ talks about the evolution of Daylite and the big decisions/changes they had to make, including why they stayed native.

  • Jerry recalls the early days of Daylite and he is impressed with how much easier it is to use compared to years ago.

  • New improvements are coming to Daylite.

  • Sam talks about the benefits of focusing on one platform.

  • Jerry encourages viewers to look at Daylite since it has changed so much over the years. You can get a 30 day free trial here .

  • Sam talks about how helpful Daylite has been for him in communications with clients. Especially the ability to file emails for future reference.

  • Jerry and Sam talk about how helpful mail integration features are on Daylite.

  • AJ talks about ISO certifications.

  • How has Daylite adapted to everything going on in the past year?

408: The Mystery System

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  • Sam talks about how efficient the MFA set up on 1Password is.

  • When clients are prepared with their 1Password vault it makes it a lot easier for the group to do their jobs.

  • Creating a vault with client data can be very helpful.

  • Does anyone create separate vaults for each of their clients?

  • 1Password is huge for teams, however, setting it up isn’t always worth it if it’s just for one person.

  • Joe talks about the new, app-less 1Password extension.

  • Sam shares information from a recent article that came out about chrome data-harvesting.

  • Joe shares a story about a client who had a scary problem with the Nest security system because they didn’t migrate their account when Google bought out Nest. They refused to return her money when they weren’t providing the monitoring services she was paying for.

  • Lately companies have seemed a little lax when it comes to their clients threatening to cancel their service.

  • Sam is very hesitant to recommend Kitcast because of an issue he had with the customer service. They actually discovered they had a problem with how they deploy their app but they seem to be very slow on fixing it.

  • Joe asks Sam about his billing and MSP that they had talked about 6 months ago and the two of them discuss how they bill their clients.

  • Sam talks about an “uncouth” interaction he had with a rude client.

  • Joe explains how he used Omni Disk Sweeper to help discover what was causing a weird problem for one of his clients.

  • What is the mystery “System” that often contains a lot of data that seems to be non-removable?

407: A Ticking Time Bomb In Your Business

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  • What exactly is technical debt?

  • Jerry has two pretty big professional clients who have accumulated quite a bit of technical debt.

  • Spending money on important things will save you the trouble of dealing with it later.

  • The group talks about how these clients who refuse to spend money sometimes aren’t sustainable.

  • News Flash: On TeamViewer you can now disable in-product marketing messages.

  • Sam is looking into a business continuity document that can be very useful especially with clients who don’t listen (thanks to Michael Thompsen of Origin84 for the tip).

  • When your system can’t keep up with you it can cause you to be unproductive because you end up wasting time on things and switching tasks.

  • Sam tells a story about how one of his client’s old systems finally kicked the bucket and he had to get all of their data back.

  • Tip: Update your software about every 2 to 3 years.

  • You end up paying less to keep up with updates than to fix everything when it goes wrong.

  • Joe actually had to buy floppy disks for a job he had to do on a Powerbook 100.

  • Jerry shares two useful tools he uses: and a helpful calendar app called Harmonizely. Harmonizely allow clients to schedule appointments and offers direct integration with Daylite..

  • Daylight training has been transformative for Jerry.

  • Sam can’t bring himself to start offering calendaring services to his clients. One reason is a need for control.

  • Joe also talks about showing just how unavailable you might be.

  • Jerry talks about the mysterious “alien arrow” that one of Joe’s clients has been telling him about.

  • What is Casper Sky??

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Thank you to our Patreon sponsors!

406: Interview With Armin Briegel Author of "macOS Terminal and Shell"

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  • This week we are joined once again by Armin Briegel of and the author of “macOS Terminal and Shell”

  • Armin speaks about his personal pandemic experience with work and family.

  • The group speaks about the differences in how different countries are handling the pandemic. They have extended the lockdown in the Netherlands until April, while it seems the U.S. is loosening up. Vaccinations are rolling out a bit slower in Europe than the States.

  • No one’s network was prepared for the pandemic with the amount of people working from home.

  • Armin tells us about how conferences in the near future are looking. Many are still holding out but one he was planning on attending has already chosen to go online even though it is scheduled for October.

  • It is worrisome for conference speakers because they have to plan on how to talk based on if it is virtual, pre-recorded, or in-person.

  • Armin speaks about his experience speaking at virtual conferences and preparing for pre-recorded sessions as well.

  • Sam dislikes speaking online when everyone has their camera off because he feels disconnected from the audience.

  • Sometimes it is less stressful to present a pre-recorded session and answer questions in the chat.

  • Now that presentations are recorded online, you cannot reuse a presentation and you have to build a new one each time.

  • Armin plans on presenting at JNUC.

  • Sam is looking forward to regularly interacting with people in 2022.

  • Armin talks a bit about his new book “macOS Terminal and Shell” (available on Apple Books) and how he began self-publishing in 2016. He has managed to publish a book almost every year since then.

  • Jerry talks to Armin about why he specifically chose Terminal as the subject for his book and the difficulties of talking about Terminal and Shell.

  • Armin is planning to write his next book on scripting.

  • Follow Armin’s informative posts on Scripting OS X

  • Help Armin surpass his wife in Twitter followers

405: Accruing Technical Debt

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  • Jerry brings up clients that you need to be more up front with billing for your time so there is no confusion that can lead to an unpaid bill.

  • He talks about one particular client that has aging hardware/software and they are scrambling for support. He tries to set expectations early.

  • That rings a familiar bell for Joe who might be more inclined to start helping someone right away.

  • With Sam’s monthly clients, he has formal paperwork that mentions “discovery”. Often times customers are more inclined to accept that if they know it will save them costs moving forward if you are already familiar with their environment.

  • Jerry talks about smaller clients to possibly start small and move incrementally to earn some money up front.

  • “Technical debt” is a term Joe coins from all of this.

  • Realizing Joe may have missed an opportunity for calling out chargeable items, he realizes that he may need to get more comfortable onboarding a larger client.

  • Sam talks about he learned from a similar situation.

  • Jerry talks about a very strange problem his client who could not find any of her mail, her inbox was empty (and Time Machine wouldn’t work!)

  • Joe remembers back when emails would disappear after updating to Catalina.

  • The group discusses the many issues everyone has with mail and the recovery service.

  • Tim Nyberg of The Mac Guys shared some feedback about using the mobile support feature of Splashtop which leads into a conversation about using it.

  • He has a remote support feature on his website ( that helps you download the correct version of Splashtop.

  • Sam has to break the news that he had to let go of a really nice office space.

404: Let's Just Say His Name Was Bill

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  • Joe performed a fully remote project with a client where he had to help extend their Eero network into their outdoor garage studio all through email.

  • He works on a similar project for another client who gives him hard time about billing and the story ends with a surprising twist.

  • The group talks about the difficulty of charging for remote work.

  • How and when should you let a client know that there are going to be billable charges for a remote assessment and evaluation?

  • Some difficult clients aren’t worth the money. But it’s a tough decision if they represent a large portion of income.

  • Joe talks about “Fire Client Friday”.

  • When does a client go too far?

  • The group discusses how to figure out who you want to work with.

  • Sam feels like he’s in an awkward position of assisting a previous employee of a client who may be turning around and billing for the answers.

  • Joe and Jerry give Sam good advice on how to approach the issue.

403: I Hope You Find Honest Work One Day

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sudo rm privatetmp.jpeg

All roads lead to automated support…

  • Someone tried to hustle Jerry and he exacts revenge.

  • Scammers get scammed.

  • Is the warrantee on your car expiring?

  • Jerry felt like a hero after fixing a client’s difficult 2013 mac. Hint, it had to do with /private/tmp

  • Should we officially not recommend hardware updates for 2013 iMac computers since they cannot run Big Sur?

  • Joe praises Addigy for their new feature “Addigy Live Desktop” and talks about how useful this tool can be.

  • He shares a very helpful tip that solved the common problem of getting stuck while trying to restore from a Time Machine backup with Synology.

  • Sam ends up in a familiar situation with a client who just won’t listen to him and ended up getting themselves into a difficult situation when network equipment fails.

  • The group shares ideas to help Sams issues with a problem client.

  • What do you do if you have a client who won’t take your security advice and they can possibly get themselves into trouble?

  • Jerry has a client who likes to mess around with the Unifi gateway.

  • He has a Pro Tip for managing the date/time on a UniFi Gateway via SSH.
    admin@ubnt:~$ set date ntp

  • Sam hopes Joe finds honest work someday.

402: Never Lose Your Trash Again!

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Happy 400th episode!….2 episodes late.

  • Joe dropped his iPhone 11 Pro Max. He ends up replacing it with a new iPhone 12 pro which leads into a group discussion about iPhone repairs and carriers

  • He talks about the difficulties he had and the time it took when trying to get two carriers on his new phone. eSIM and physical SIM setup order is important!

  • Sam sets up three separate Genius Bar appointments for his iPhone 11, Apple Watch series 3, and AirPod Pro issues. This leads into a second unexpected event that causes him to be locked out of his car.

  • Pop quiz - What did Sam forget when he restored his iCloud backup to a new phone?

  • The group speaks about being treated as a normal consumer when purchasing technology or speaking with customer service.

  • Sam reveals his oversight with Google Authenticator.

  • iCloud Drive presents a challenge to Jerry in an experience he had with a client losing a very important file in iCloud drive.

  • Joe piggybacks off of Jerry’s story and talks about his client also losing data.

  • Should you use the trash to store files? PsiMac may have an offering for you!

Thank you to our Patreon sponsors!

Thank you to our Patreon sponsors!

401: Interview With Ryan Grimes Of My IT Indy

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This week we welcome back Ryan Grimes, President of My IT Indy.

  • Ryan speaks about how his business has changed since he was first on the show in 2014 (Episode 43)

  • Who consults the consultant?

  • The group speaks about UniFi and notification issues.

  • Ryan discusses a story about dealing with a client that went silent, and what he learned from it.

  • Ryan also shares his personal experience with COVID, and how it affected his personal and business life.

  • One of Ryan’s ex-clients was phished after ending the business relationship.

  • The group talks about the problems small business owners face.

  • Joe brings up the security issues that clients often have which leads to a more in depth discussion about cybersecurity.

  • Clients will often zone out on important topics. Sometimes it takes the “cool” features to get buy-in.

  • Collaborating with others in our industry can create benefits for us all.

  • “Be excellent to each other and don’t be a butthead.”

400: Interview With Justin Esgar & Tim Pearson of the ACES Conference

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-This week we welcome back Justin Esgar and Tim Pearson of the ACES conference.

-Justin gives a recap of virtual ACES.

-He explains how the plans changed for last year’s virtual conference that was originally supposed to be an in-person conference held in Atlanta.

-Justin and Tim speak about the struggles of having an online conference for the first time.

-This year this ACES conference will be taking over the month of May. Every Thursday (tentatively) from noon to 2:30 EST two speakers and a round table session discussing all the aspects of your business. Throughout the month there will also be a couple of other surprises. Tickets will be on sale in February. First 100 people who sign up get a gift box.

-ACES Conference Slack is open for questions

-What will the roundtables look like?

-Joe and Tim speak about the benefits of attending a conference like ACES.

-Joe tells a story about an experience he had at the 2017 ACES conference that helped him with his business recently.

-For the newly initiated, what is ACES?

-Justin explains why he started ACES and speaks about how welcoming the ACN community is.

-Everyone talks about how interacting with more people helps you improve your business and learn more.

-Tim shares a head scratcher with the group that involves remote access.

-The group discusses internet providers and cellular service companies.

-Justin talks about how they are going to continue the “Women in IT ACES Scholarship”. Three tickets will be given to women in IT who apply here:

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