#201 - A Mystery Deepens in Gormania, West Virginia

James Pietragallo & Jimmie Whisman

podcast: Small Town Murder

This week, in Gormania, West Virginia, a young woman runs out the door, after receiving a mysterious phone call, never to be seen again. A full on posse is organized, as well as the FBI, State, & local police, as a maximum effort is made to find this woman, hopefully alive. Everyone is the tiny town is a suspect, but will the case ever go down? Along the way, we find out that mountain people are really into pageants, that maybe you should go to the police academy before being given a badge, gun  & cruiser, and that just because you can't find a body, doesn't mean there wasn't a murder!!   Hosted by James Pietragallo & Jimmie Whisman    New episodes every Thursday!    Donate at: patreon.com/crimeinsports or go to paypal.com & use our email: crimeinsports@gmail.com    Go to shutupandgivememurder.com for all things Small Town Murder & Crime In Sports!    Follow us on...    twitter.com/@murdersmall    facebook.com/smalltownpod    instagram.com/smalltownmurder    Also, check out James & Jimmie's other show, Crime In Sports! On iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasting See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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