#212 - Horses Of A Feather - Dean, Texas

James Pietragallo & Jimmie Whisman

podcast: Small Town Murder

This week, in Dean, Texas, a man who seemingly has it all, ends up having less life than he would have ultimately have liked to have, but who is responsible? The not so happy wife? Her best friend & husband's assistant? The kids? His business partner? Luckily for police, some very fortuitous breaks come their way, and a picture of a cold blooded, planned out, and absolutely diabolical plot emerges.  Will anyone pay the price?   Along the way, we find out that dirt can be expensive, that cranberry juice can be dangerous, and that sometimes, not everybody involved gets what they deserve!   Hosted by James Pietragallo & Jimmie Whisman    New episodes every Thursday!    Donate at: patreon.com/crimeinsports or go to paypal.com & use our email: crimeinsports@gmail.com    Go to shutupandgivememurder.com for all things Small Town Murder & Crime In Sports!    Follow us on...    twitter.com/@murdersmall    facebook.com/smalltownpod    instagram.com/smalltownmurder    Also, check out James & Jimmie's other show, Crime In Sports! On iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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