#221 - Hitchhikers, Drifters & Necrophiliacs - Oakley, Kansas

James Pietragallo & Jimmie Whisman

podcast: Small Town Murder

This week, in Oakley, Kansas, a woman is found, brutally murdered, several times over, with a large knife, still stuck in her torso. The evidence quickly points to a local hitchhiker, who recently blew into town. But it gets crazier from there, when this hitchhiker blames the whole thing on "The Drifter", and it only gets weirder from there!    Along the way, we find out that Buffalo Bill is considered "culture" in some places, that helping people is nice, but helping the wrong people can kill you, and that even if a person is dead, there are certain things that you shouldn't do to them!   Hosted by James Pietragallo & Jimmie Whisman    New episodes every Thursday!    Donate at: patreon.com/crimeinsports or go to paypal.com & use our email: crimeinsports@gmail.com    Go to shutupandgivememurder.com for all things Small Town Murder & Crime In Sports!    Follow us on...    twitter.com/@murdersmall    facebook.com/smalltownpod    instagram.com/smalltownmurder    Also, check out James & Jimmie's other show, Crime In Sports! On iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts# See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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