Ep42 - Matt Parker: "The Greatest Maths Mistakes"

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When math goes wrong, things can get expensive. Or absolutely hilarious. For this talk we invited YouTube personality (Numberphile, standupmaths), math communicator, comedian, and one third of the Festival of the Spoken Nerd, Matt Parker, to share his favorite math mistakes from his new UK #1 bestseller, "Humble Pi - A Comedy of Maths Errors".

Matt exposes errors on the Two Pound Coin, very specific rules for trains operating in Switzerland, and how simple unit conversion slip ups can cost billions of dollars. He also discusses the infamous 256th level of Pac-Man and answers audience questions about more hilarious mathematical failures.

Get the book here: https://goo.gl/G4kqw6 

Visit http://g.co/TalksAtGoogle/TheGreatestMathsMistakes to watch the video.

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