Ep80 - Richard Miles & Kate Germond | From Prisoner to CNN Hero

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Richard Miles, the Founder/Executive Director of Miles of Freedom and 2019 finalist for CNN’s Hero of the year, spent 15 years in prison for a Dallas, TX murder he did not commit. Kate Germond is the Senior Advocate and Investigator for Centurion, the Princeton, NJ-based non-profit organization that started the innocence movement. Centurion re-investigated Richard’s case and ultimately freed him from wrongful incarceration. In the 10+ years since his release, Richard has dedicated his life to helping men and women re-adjust to life after incarceration, and provide them with the tools they need to build new lives.

Kate and Richard sat down with Talks at Google to share Richard’s unbelievable story of triumph over unthinkable injustice, and talk about Centurion’s fight to free the innocent in prison. They discuss the justice system’s increasing resistance to considering claims of innocence, the challenges exonerees face when they’re freed, and the ongoing efforts of Miles of Freedom and Centurion. Take time to learn more about the crisis of wrongful conviction from Richard and Kate’s very personal accounts of what happens when the justice system gets it wrong.

Moderated by Fizz Ahmed.

To learn more about Centurion, please visit https://centurion.org/.
For more information on Miles of Freedom, please visit http://milesoffreedom.org/.

Visit http://g.co/TalksAtGoogle/RichardMiles to watch the video.

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