UFO Patents & The Mysterious Death Of Phil Schneider

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podcast: The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett

PART ONE: U.S. NAVY'S UFO PATENTS Richard welcomes a physicist and author to discuss a U.S. Navy file dubbed the 'UFO patents'  which reveals how military scientists spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on experiments involving nuclear fusion and electromagnetic fields as part of research into devastating future weapons. The documents claim a 'Spacetime Modification Weapon' could make the Hydrogen bomb seem like a 'firecracker.' PART TWO: UNDERGROUND BASES AND THE MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF PHIL SCHNEIDER Richard welcomes a documentary filmmaker to discuss the U.S. military's secret underground bases and the life and mysterious death of Phil Schneider, one of three people who allegedly survived a battle, between Greys and the US military at the underground Dulce Base, in 1979.

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