141 - Everything is a Remix — with Kirby Ferguson

The Futur

podcast: The Futur with Chris Do

Humans are inherent copy machines. Emulation is how we learn to walk, talk and navigate the world. But when it comes to ideas—especially ones we deem “original”—things are different. We become hyper critical of imitation and resent anything close to a copy of our own. Obsessing over ideological ownership. But what we don’t do, is turn that critical lens on ourself. Copy, transform, and combine. According to Kirby Ferguson, this is the recipe for creativity. Kirby is a filmmaker, speaker, and writer. You probably know him best from his acclaimed documentary, Everything is a Remix. You can watch it for free on YouTube and we promise that it will change that way you think about originality And maybe help you let go of that inner critic. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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