148 - Golden Handcuffs — with Anthony Banks

The Futur

podcast: The Futur with Chris Do

Are you familiar with the term “golden handcuffs”? It’s a phrase that refers to financial incentives given to employees to make them stick around. Because when you have everything you need, why would you ever want to leave? In this episode, we talk with illustrator, graphic designer, and Futur Pro Group member, Anthony Banks who—at the time this was recorded in 2018—was considering a big career move. But he is conflicted. His job is stable. It pays well. All of which is good for his family. For all intents and purposes, Anthony is doing just fine. But is fine enough? Or, without any room to grow in his current position, is he riding a slow boat to nowhere? The conversation you’re about to hear is from 2018. The world feels like a different place now, but our the dilemma remains the same: are golden handcuffs worth it? We do the math and find out. Sponsors Skillshare - https://skillshare.com/futur BetterHelp - https://betterhelp.com/futur Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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