157 - What is experience design? — with David Schwarz

The Futur

podcast: The Futur with Chris Do

David Schwarz is an award-winning creative leader and one of the founding partners of acclaimed experience design agency, Hush. He’s spent his career designing brand experiences that integrate content, interactivity, architecture and technology. But what is experience design? It depends on where you are and who you ask. From where David stands experience design is about creating an immersive, three-dimensional, sensory experience in the real world. And affecting how you and I feel as we move through it. In this episode, David shares how his agency approaches designing these unique experiences and the impending blur between the physical world and the digital world. Sponsored by BetterHelp - https://betterhelp.com/futur Sponsored by Skillshare - https://skillshare.com/futur Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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