162 - Is Being a Designer Enough? — with Rodrigo and Anneli

The Futur

podcast: The Futur with Chris Do

In the corporate world, climbing the proverbial ladder seems common. To get ahead (and make more money) you must climb through the ranks. But in the creative industry, it feels different. We pursue a career in the arts because we're passionate about things like design, photography, and animation. We enjoy making things ourselves. But is that enough to sustain a long career? Will we be aged-out of our jobs? Should we strive to be more than just the artisan? In this lively discussion, Chris is joined by Anneli Hansson, Rodrigo Tasca, and several more guests on Clubhouse to discuss these questions. They talk about what it means to be a designer versus a strategist and how the two relate. We also hear from a variety of guests that share their opinion and experience on the matter. Design is a multifaceted industry. There are many paths you can take. We hope this conversation helps you find yours. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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