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What’s it really like to work in architecture? The hosts of Archispeak know, and they’re here to share real-life experiences. Since 2012 Evan Troxel and Cormac Phalen have been podcasting their brand of real talk on everything from design, tools, and work/life balance to generational differences, mentoring, job hunting and more. Probing questions, revelatory interviews, and unique insights have grown their audience and become a bi-monthly ritual for students and seasoned professionals alike. To join the conversation or learn more about the hosts, visit


#225 – Hotdogs & Hummus

por Evan Troxel

We discuss what's for breakfast, going back to the office, the intangible tangibles of the office environment and corporate culture, and how many professions are experiencing the "Great Resignation".


"Great resignation" wave coming for companies (Axios)

MRE (Meal, Ready to Eat) (Amazon)

Entrenching tool (e-tool) (Amazon)

#224 – Ninja Skills

por Evan Troxel

We discuss what styles (aka flair) architects can be identified by, Zoom-lash, your ninja skills and how they will play into the future of work, and what Cormac did when he got bored in the desert.


Rise of the 10x Class by Dror Poleg

TRXL 041: ‘Stay Curious’, with Dror Poleg

Barbed wire gloves (Amazon)

Pneumatic Palm Nailer (Amazon)

Welding gloves (Amazon)

Welding helmet (Amazon)

#223 – Sweat Equity Pants

por Evan Troxel

We discuss the current auto fuel shortage, sweat (equity and pants), modeling things no one wants, and HighArc's website.


#222 – This Can't End Well

por Evan Troxel

We discuss all nighters, staffing projects in the context of the current economy, the psychology around the two things that architects hate, and change management.

#221 – The Indiana Jones Warehouse of Wooden Crates

por Evan Troxel

We discuss our profession's continuing challenge of making meaningful progress within the very real constraints of selling time for money, how we willingly accept workflows the software industry has determined we use, the choice to stay in the trenches or to lead, and more.


Archispeak 219: They Became Dinosaurs

#220 – PSA: We're All in This Together

por Evan Troxel

We discuss the need for members of our community (that's you!) to support the content creators who are putting their creativity and time into the betterment of the profession. Rate, review, be positive and constructive with your feedback, and share with your friends and colleagues!


How to Architect (YouTube)

30x40 Design Workshop (YouTube)

Archimarathon (YouTube)

She Builds podcast

Practice Disrupted podcast

Build Smart podcast

Build Your Brand podcast

I've Never Met a Woman Architect Before

ARE Hacks by Evan Troxel

The Little Architect's Alphabet: Learning your letters through design by Lora Teagarden


Yale School of Architecture Lecture Series

Architalx lecture series

#219 – They Became Dinosaurs

por Evan Troxel

We discuss the stronghold of the architectural profession's traditional apprenticeship model and how it has decreased innovation potential.


Tap-Tap-Twist – Climbing Gold Podcast with Alex Honnold (Apple Podcasts | Spotify)

#218 – Sponsored – Glen-Gery Brick's FOLIO Launch

por Evan Troxel

We talk with Tim Leese, the Director of Marketing at @GlenGeryBrick, about the launch of FOLIO — a new print publication that showcases inspirational design with the fundamental modular building material we all know as brick.


Glen-Gery Brick website

Request your copy of FOLIO and/or submit your project

#217 – Architecture's Marketing Problem

por Evan Troxel

We discuss the topic of trusted brands, loyalty, quality, and how these ideas both do and do not apply to the practice of architecture.

#216 – The Two Things Architects Hate

por Evan Troxel

We discuss some comments that have been made about Evan moving to a new job and how some of the fundamental problems in our industry aren't attractive but still need to be solved.

#215 – A Forced Release

por Evan Troxel

In this episode Evan and Cormac discuss a bit of nostalgia and how it can shape the future of our workplace.

#214 – It Was At A Zoo

por Evan Troxel

We reminisce about the first concerts we attended and link those experiences back to architecture, space, and how they have the ability to affect people.

#213 – Ch-Ch-Changes

por Evan Troxel

Special guest Bob Habian joins Evan and Cormac in this marathon episode to talk about a new venture poised as a fantastic solution for the AEC industry, and reveal Evan's latest news.



#212 – Detail Suppository

por Evan Troxel

We discuss consultant coordination issues, some benefits and trappings of BIM, and raise the question of who is going to get us out of our own purgatory.

#211 – The Way You're Wired

por Evan Troxel

We discuss Evan’s new mountain biking YouTube channel and why having something creative to do that’s non-architectural in your life is important. Everyone go subscribe to the channel and follow along on the adventures!


Evan’s TRXL MTB YouTube channel

#210 – ‘Architect to Builder‘ with Lance Cayko and Alex Gore

por Evan Troxel

The founders of F9 Productions and the Inside the Firm podcast join Archispeak to talk about their practice in Colorado, transitioning to developer/builders, and their new course to help architects make the transition.


Watch this episode on YouTube

F9 Productions (Lance & Alex's firm website)

Inside the Firm podcast (Lance & Alex's podcast)

Lance and Alex’s Architect to Builder course

#209 – ”Changes” ”Happened”

por Evan Troxel

We discuss what happened between the original and actual submittal dates for Cormac's project, how to more successfully communicate design intent with owners in VR versus 2d drawings, and the correct number of design options to show clients.

#208 – Reinventing the Wheel

por Evan Troxel

We compare the size, scope, and purpose of a set of modern drawings to historical examples, how architects are seemingly happy reinventing the wheel, and who is to blame when something goes wrong.


Evan was a guest recently on Context & Clarity LIVE (YouTube), and the topic was How is technology changing the architectural profession?

#207 – I Had A NordicTrack

por Evan Troxel

We discuss the newly released renderings of Amazon's proposed headquarters in Virginia & the resemblance to certain emoji, Tatlin's tower, that we should be paying attention to architects in the middle of the US (not just the coasts), & a McSweeney's article featuring some choice archispeak.


Pile of Poo emoji 💩 (Emojipedia)

Soft ice cream emoji 🍦 (Emojipedia)

NordicTrack (Wikipedia)

Marlon Blackwell Architects

Amazon's next offices in Virginia (MSN)

Tatlin's Tower (Wikipedia)


#206 – It's Not You, It's Me

por Evan Troxel

We discuss the relationships and emotional connections between humans and animals, and draw a connection to architects and their projects; and how most people don't understand the latter.

#205 – Potential Levels of Dysfunction

por Evan Troxel

We discuss the distinction between comments and communications, what to do with staff during project down-time, the problem with data silos, and there's a little more to add to Cormac's Zoom shenanigans.

#204 – Cooking with Cormac

por Evan Troxel

We discuss Cormac's open Zoom room and somehow the timing worked out just right to prank a teammate while recording the episode.

#203 – Fingers Crossed

por Evan Troxel

We discuss the architecture reality show we'd want to watch, some buildings by architect William Pereira, and some hopefulness on inauguration day for 46.


William Pereira (Wikipedia)

List of William Pereira buildings (Wikipedia)

Pereira monograph (Amazon)

#202 – Surviving 2021

por Evan Troxel

Forget goals and resolutions... in this episode, we share how we plan on just staying alive. And there's some new pretty exciting collaboration software we're looking at too, so check the link in the show notes.


Huddle's Teamflow platform for online communication and collaboration with spatial aspects.

#201 – More Potent, More Purposeful

por Evan Troxel

We discuss the two things that architects hate, and about intentionally (re)setting boundaries in our day-to-day to increase our potency.


Evan's Disruptive Technology in Architecture presentation to AIA Palm Beach (YouTube)

#200 – The Dumpster Fire Episode

por Evan Troxel

2 architects. ~20 minutes (MAYBE). 200 episodes. 2020: The Dumpster Fire. Join us in this podcasting milestone episode—the last one of the year—as we discuss what 8 years of podcasting has been like.



Fatman Beyond

The Gābl Media network

#199 – A 'Problem' Problem

por Evan Troxel

We discuss promotions, wicked and tame design problems, shell games, and what happens in the sub-sub basement of Cormac's project.


Archispeak's Gifts for Architects 2020 - Youtube Episode

#198 – Gifts for Architects 2020

por Evan Troxel

Looking to find a gift for your favorite architect? Look no further. Here are Archispeak’s top architectural gift picks for the 2020 holiday giving season.

This year, there’s also a video version of this episode. Why? Because we wanted to show you what we were talking about. Click here to watch it on YouTube.

Check out all the links below!


Note: We may make a small commission when you use these links that do not affect the pricing of the selections in any way. And by doing so you're helping support the show. Thanks!

Evan’s picks:

Andrew Heumann's generative design prints

Runcible Studios online shop

LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet

LEGO Star Wars Boba Fett Helmet

LEGO Star Wars Tie Fighter Pilot

Keychron K2 Wireless Bluetooth/USB Wired Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Elgato Cam Link 4K

Evan's book recommendations:

The Little Architect's Alphabet: Learning your letters through design by Lora Teagarden AIA

ARE Hacks: Learn How to Pass the Architect Registration Exam by Evan Troxel AIA

Until Proven Safe: The History and Future of Quarantine by Geoff Manaugh and Nicola Twilley (preorder)

Adapt As An Architect: A career companion by Randy Deutsche (preorder)

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Medium Nib - Mango - Candy Special Edition 2020 - Model 021

Vanmoof Electric bicycles

Super73-Z1 electric motorbike

Craftsman oscillating multi-tool

Cormac’s picks:

XP-PEN Artist13.3 Pro - Drawing Monitor

The Little Architect's Alphabet: Learning your letters through design

Nespresso ENV135B Coffee and Espresso Machine by De'Longhi, Black

Milk Frother, Miroco Stainless Steel Milk Steamer

Koncept - LED Desk Lamp

Good & Well Supply Co. National Park Candle - ZION

The National Park Candles (entire collection)

Cormac’s Book Recommendations:

See the suggestions Evan STOLE…STOLE, I say

Architecture of the Shot

Architecture of the Cocktail

Sketch tools and books Cormac flashed during the episode

Field Notes

Leuchtturm 1917 (Sketchbook)

And if you’re looking for something to send Cormac (in Olive Green)

#197 – Mis-reading it Wrong

por Evan Troxel

We discuss expectations and boundaries around our always-on communication options, and how fragmented and difficult to manage this has all become due to the multitude of options.


Watch the Archispeak + Life of an Architect podcast happy hour (YouTube)

#196 – Foot In Mouth Disease

por Evan Troxel

What delightful information comes to light when a project team member — hypothetically — thinks they've hung up from a call, but they actually haven't*?

* not a hypothetical


Live stream happy hour with the Life of an Architect podcast on Nov 19th, 4:15pm PST (YouTube)

#195 – Wordsmithing the Process

por Evan Troxel

Being that it's Veteran's Day in the USA, we discuss war stories from the trenches... both from Cormac's time serving in the Army and from architectural practice. Oh, and don't forget the off-the-shelf, range-extending missile parts.


Evan's temporary service interruption tweet

Veteran's Day (Wikipedia)

Scud missile (Wikipedia)

Patriot missile (Wikipedia)

Gulf War (Wikipedia)

#194 – Ad Nauseam

por Evan Troxel

We discuss current 2d project delivery challenges and opportunities, how application templates aren't one-size-fits-all, reincorporating lessons learned on projects into standards, and how architects are really damn good at dealing with levels of abstraction.

#193 – Extra Helping of Cheddar

por Evan Troxel

We discuss how brick and mortar-based architecture firms are dealing with the changing landscape of remote work due to COVID-19 and all the nuance that comes along with it. And Cormac breaks the news that Sean Connery died, so we talk about Bond movies, of course.


Sean Connery

James Bond

George Lazenby

The Prisoner

Death Race 2000

Roger Moore

The Car


#192 – Awards Season

por Evan Troxel

Following the last episode's topic of professional 'conference season,' we transition into the topic of architectural 'awards season' to discuss the positives and also how they could be so much better.


Advancing Computational Building Design Conference

Day 1 agenda including Evan's presentation

TRXL podcast on Gābl Media

#191 – Looking Beyond Property Lines

por Evan Troxel

We discuss the October architectural conference flurry—including one that Evan is speaking at—and recap architect Jeanne Gang's keynote presentation at the 2020 Architectural Record Innovation Conference.