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Science news and interviews in the Natural State


Comets with Darrell Heath

por Christina Lynn

In honor of the sungrazing comet ISON, I talked with Darrell Heath, president of the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society, about the hopefully spectacular comet of 2013.

The ArkanScience! Mathematical Zombie Apocalypse Survival Special

por Christina Lynn


Joined by Nathan Scott James and Professor Justin Turner, we discuss the mathematical chance of

surviving a zombie apocalypse.  

This episode is a bit unconventional, but a lot of fun.

Here's a link to the resources we discussed:


The Rocket Experience

por Christina Lynn

Music for the Heart

por Christina Lynn

Admittedly, I exercised a bit of a confirmation bias regarding the study on heart health, but it was a scientific study nonetheless.

Any, my heart says it's okay:)

Here's one of the links on cardiovascular health & music:

This week's track listing:

1. Mars Needs Women -Peter Wolf

2. The Quantum World -Symphony of Science

3. The Meaning of Life Galaxy Song -Monty Python

4. Robot High School -My Robot Friend

5. Galactic Seahorse -Fable Cry

6. Space Oddity -David Bowie

7. Lost In Space -Starkey (feat. Charlie XCX)

* Special thanks to Jason Tedford of Wolfman studios for producing this podcast.

8. Mir -Ashtray Babyhead


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The Day the Earth Smiled - Astronomers Without Borders

por Christina Lynn

Science news, new music, & sci-fi spotlight, "Pacific Rim."

Mike Simmons for Astronomers Without Borders on the Cassini portrait of Earth.

July Astronomy Highlights with Darrell Heath

por Christina Lynn

A special live episode in the KABF studio.

Darrell Heath, president of the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society, tells us about astronomy highlights in July.

ArkanScience! - Jim Fisher Talks Light Pollution

por Christina Lynn

Interview with Jim Fisher, Arkansas Chapter Leader of the International Dark-Sky Association on issues surrounding light pollution.
Jim on Twitter

ArkanScience! - News Special

por Christina Lynn

A news-focused episode this week. Plus we examine the new trailer for Ender's Game in our Sci-Fi Spotlight.

ArkanScience! Darrell Heath on Supermoons, June Sky Preview

por Christina Lynn

This show gets silly fast. YOU ARE WARNED.

Sci-Fi Spotlight - Curiosity Game's Big Reveal

Interview - Darrell Heath from the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society gives us a preview for the night sky in June.

Glowing Plants, Europa Report Trailer, Matt Christenson on Demography

por Christina Lynn

We discuss the prospects of glowing plants for research and as a light source. Plus we debut our new segment "Sci-Fi Spotlight". This week's Sci-Fi Spotlight is the trailer for Europa Report. If you haven't seen this, do it now!

Interview: Matt Christenson on the "Demographic Winter".

ArkanScience! 5/17/13 Joel Gordon, Booyah! Dad

por Christina Lynn

Interview: Joel Gordon of the Museum of Discovery on 3D Printing

Local Track: Boo Yah Dad - Say You Love Me

ArkanScience! 5/8/13 Kyle Sanders, Bear Colony

por Christina Lynn

Interview: Kyle Sanders on Skepticism

Local Track: Bear Colony - Flask Retort

ArkanScience! 5/3/13 TJ Colvin, Darrell Health, Colin vs. Adam

por Christina Lynn

INTERVIEWS - Amateur Astronomer TJ Colvin
Darrell Heath of the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society

LOCAL ARTIST - Colin vs. Adam "Deadweight"