As Darkness Ends: Book One

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As Darkness Ends: Book One 06

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Hunter makes his way around the globe and back to where it all started. A familiar face is there to greet him but the tables are turned quickly when he's linked to everything that has happened.

As Darkness Ends: Book One 05

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Hunter arrives in Kentucky and learns of the mysterious redbacks and the chaos ensuing across the world. Those around him become suspicious of his actions, while Davos reveals a reason for the chaos.

As Darkness Ends: Book One 04

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Hunter makes a startling discovery while trying to help a girl in agony. Other powers make themselves known and the history of Runners are revealed.

As Darkness Ends: Book One 03

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Hunter returns to Manhattan and sees a dark substance following him. He begins his journey by heading west and makes a starling discovery just over the Hudson River.

As Darkness Ends: Book One 02

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Hunter is released from the tent city and heads home through Manhattan. He encounters a person who whisks him away to an unknown location.

As Darkness Ends: Book One 01

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An earthquake hits New York City. We meet Travis Hunter who hears disturbing news about the distructive event.