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Ep. 38 - Finale, Pt. 2: Interview with Gillian Robespierre

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These are our last two episodes! Bonnie & Maude is ceasing as a podcast for now, but keep up with our future endeavors at Part 2, we interview Gillian Robespierre, director of 2014's Obvious Child, about how the film is so much more than an "abortion rom-com." This interview was recorded at the Bell House on June 3, 2015 as part of Pregnant Pause, a variety show co-produced with The Doula Project that explored representations of pregnancy, choice, and abortion in pop culture.

Ep. 37 - Finale, Pt. 1: Interview with Signe Baumane

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These are our last two episodes! Bonnie & Maude is ceasing as a podcast for now, but keep up with our future endeavors at Part 1, we interview the Latvian-born animator and filmmaker Signe Baumane. Her feature film Rocks In My Pockets chronicles three generations of her family's experience with mental illness, and Signe talks about how dedicating herself to her art has helped her live with depression. Find the trailer, rent, or buy the film at, and watch her hilarious and provocative short film collection Teat Beat of Sex at episode includes frank discussion of mental illness, depression and suicide. If you or someone you know needs help, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Ep. 36 - Hook // GUEST: Lisa Hanawalt

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Our guest Lisa Hanawalt has her fingers in many pies. She is a published artist/author, hilarious film critic for The Hairpin, co-host of the Baby Geniuses podcast, and co-producer & production designer of the Netflix show BoJack Horseman. Her sneakily feminist views have been been available in a variety of mediums but we were especially excited to speak with her about Hook, the 1991 Peter Pan reimagining starring Robin Williams. 

Is it a kids movie or an erotic masterpiece filled with genderfluid characters that inspire the imagination? You may be surprised.

The episode also includes Lisa's theories on gender bias in animation, why she loves working on BoJack, and a quick overview of Great Horses of Cinema. --Additional viewing: BuzzFeed's list of 136 Hidden Jokes You Probably Missed On "Bojack Horseman"Season 2 of BoJack Horseman premieres July 17! A still from Julie Doucet comic "Heavy Flow" (originally published in Weirdo #26), referenced by Kseniya.

Ep. 35 - Aliens // GUESTS: Amy & Anne of Mother: A Podcast

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In celebration of Mother's Day, Amy Gastelum and Anne Noyes Saini, hosts of Mother: A Podcast, stop by the studio apartment to discuss one of the most empowering (but occasionally manipulative) motherhood-themed sci-fi classics, Aliens. Having covered films from a mother's perspective on previous episodes (Rosemary's BabyDespicable MeGuy Maddin), we delve deeper into the meaning of the mother bear instinct, mom-on-mom violence, and what it's like to view a chest-burster scene when you're pregnant. Please enjoy this Power Loader Baby Halloween costume.

Ep. 34 - Pause The Tape, Live (Crushes, Flings, & Sex Scenes)

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Gilmore Girls! Weezer! Cruel Intentions! Vanilla Ice! Can't Hardly Wait! We look at the movies and music that get our hearts racing in a special episode, dispatched from our live storytelling show, Pause The Tape, co-hosted with The Soundtrack Series' Dana Rossi.Storytellers, and links to scenes/songs referenced in stories:Kseniya Yarosh on Cool as IceDana Rossi on Gilmore Girls, Season 3, Ep: 8 "Let The Games Begin"C.D. Hermelin on WeezerEleanor Kagan on Can't Hardly WaitDana Rossi on Gilmore Girls, Season 3, Ep: 9 "A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving"Isaac Oliver on Cruel IntentionsOur next live edition of Pause the Tape is on April 30th, 2015 at Videology in Brooklyn. More info at

Ep. 33 - Titanic // GUEST: Claudia Bitran

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To commemorate the sinking of Titanic on the morning of April 15th, 1912, we revisit a movie that stayed afloat long past anyone's expectations.Joining us for this episode is filmmaker and artist Claudia Bitran, currently working on a shot-for-shot remake of the record-breaking 1997 James Cameron film.  All of us watched Titanic as early teens, so the time seems ripe to reassess it now that we're grown-ass women. We also take a closer look at what has buoyed the film while simultaneously making it a target of mockery: teen female fandom.Plus: Hear about some of our listeners' tender memories of watching the film, and tell us yours by leaving a message at 530-628-3379. --Additional reading and viewing:

Ep. 32 - Guy Maddin // GUEST: Tatiana Watson

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Guy Maddin ("National treasure of Canadian cinema") may be less familiar to casual cinema lovers in the States, but once you see his work, you won't be able to forget his bizarre characters or dreamy imagery. In our second mom-cast, we invite Kseniya's mother, Tatiana Watson, to discuss portrayal of parenthood in Maddin's Careful (1992) and Brand upon the Brain! (2006) and how film has bonded the mother and daughter over the years.Outro Music: "The Nightingale and the Rose" by Rosa Ponselle, as featured in Guy Maddin's short film, A Trip To The Orphanage (2004)Previously released episode with Eleanor's mom, Dr. Paula Kagan, discussing Rosemary’s Baby Referenced in the episode: Slums of Beverly Hills 15-Year Reunion

Ep. 31 - Movie Marathon DAY 2

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In the second part of our Bonnie & Maude Roving Movie Marathon, we traveled around Brooklyn for a day to sit on our friends' couches and let them pick a surprise movie for us to see. You can surprise yourself by listening through, or watch the films along with us:Part two includes:2:55 Pillow Talk (1959)25:00 The Conversation (1974)40:00 The Heartbreak Kid (1972)58:15 Set It Off (1996)

Listen to part one here

Pause the Tape, an evening of stories about music and film, takes place on February 14th at 7pm at Videology in Brooklyn.The Iron Mule, an evening of short comedy film screenings, takes place on March 1st at 7:30pm at Symphony Space in New York.

Ep. 30 - Wild / 2014 in review

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Eleanor & Kseniya discuss Wild, Reese Witherspoon's latest leading role. Based on the 2012 memoir by Cheryl Strayed the story is about one woman's self-discover/recovery by way of an 1,100-mile hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. Relegated to the semi-disparaging category of chick-lit, we review the rarity of the 'lone woman' characters and the the insight Wild brings to the female experience. 

We close out the episode by reviewing some of our favorite woman-centric films from the past year of viewing. Several highlights include Ida and Babadook, two international films that we loved, as well as a number of picks from BAM's outstanding Punk Rock Girls program last Spring. 

Some articles featured in this episode:The Walking Cure: Talking to Cheryl Strayed About What Made Wild Work by Kathryn Schulz The best new Strong Female Characters are the weak ones by Tasha RobinsonHow Getting Wild Saved a ‘Lost’ Reese Witherspoon by Kyle Buchanan

Ep. 29 - Movie Marathon DAY 1

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In early November, we pushed ourselves (and our butts) to the limits of our movie watching abilities and watched EIGHT movies over the course of one weekend. This was a roving marathon, so we asked our friends in different locations around Brooklyn to pick a movie for us to watch, and host us on their couch.Part one (of two) includes:3:50 The Loves of a Blonde (1965)19:10 Drinking Buddies (2013)34:30 Tampopo (1985)43:20 Empire Records (1995)We sincerely thank our marathon hosts for their generosity in participating in this project and appreciate all the listeners who encouraged us when we originally came up with the idea.

Ep. 28 - In Defense of Reality TV

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Guests Rachel Michelle Fernandes, filmmaker and associate producer for the television show Four Weddings, and Allegra Oxborough, a Bachelor devotee, join us to figure out why we love (and hate on) reality television. Can we learn lessons about ourselves from watching the highly stylized, heavily edited lives of others? Select audio clips from various shows are included as examples throughout, but if you're interested in seeing the visuals take a look here: RuPaul's Drag RaceSurvivorBurning LoveAmerican Ninja WarriorAmerica's Next Top Model

All of Them Witches #7: Uzi’s Party

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"I'm a 16mm filmmaker, and because film is hard to make, people insist you must defend the fact you're shooting on film. And my defense is that... it's magic."Lyra Hill, a Chicago-based filmmaker, previews clips from, and discusses her short film Uzi's Party, an ominous and funny collage of teenage girls, makeovers, Ouija boards and possession.It's enough to put a spell on you--so Femme Rhythm, the 8-piece all-female a cappella group, does.Follow Lyra, including updates about the release of Uzi's Party, at lyrahill.comFollow Femme Rhythm at, and see a video of their performance on our YouTube channel. --"All of Them Witches," recorded on 10/13/2014 at the Bell House in Brooklyn, NY, was a one-night-only variety show hosted by Bonnie & Maude's Kseniya Yarosh and Eleanor Kagan, that explored portrayals of witches and witchcraft in pop culture, film and television.

All of Them Witches #6: Witch Tourism and The Lords of Salem

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Would you say that you're really into witchcraft, or are you a witch tourist? Meet the Lady's creator and host Tom Blunt takes us into the dizzying world of Salem, both that of our dimension, and that of Rob Zombie's film The Lords of Salem. Follow Tom at at, and @tomblunt. --"All of Them Witches," recorded on 10/13/2014 at the Bell House in Brooklyn, NY, was a one-night-only variety show hosted by Bonnie & Maude's Kseniya Yarosh and Eleanor Kagan, that explored portrayals of witches and witchcraft in pop culture, film and television.

All of Them Witches #5: 'The Craft' Has Issues

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We all loved The Craft when we were teenagers, right? But do you remember what happens in the second half of the movie? Cassie Wagler does, and will delve deep into the film's huge problems in its portrayal of race, class, "light" and "dark" magic, and power. Don't be too sad about the reality check though, because she will leave you with a way you can still enjoy the film.Follow Cassie at and @cassiewagler. --"All of Them Witches," recorded on 10/13/2014 at the Bell House in Brooklyn, NY, was a one-night-only variety show hosted by Bonnie & Maude's Kseniya Yarosh and Eleanor Kagan, that explored portrayals of witches and witchcraft in pop culture, film and television.

All of Them Witches #4: Morticia, Morgana, Willow: Which Witch Are You?

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Are you a "good" witch, or a "bad" witch? Such is the unanswerable question when it comes to deciding what type of magical person you want to be. Rosie Schaap recounts her own journey of identifying with witchy women, from Excalibur's Morgana (Helen Mirren), to Buffy's Willow (Alyson Hannigan), to The Addams Family's Morticia (Anjelica Huston).Follow Rosie Schaap at, and @rosieschaap. Bonus: chamber pop singer AK performs a jazzy rendition of “Love Potion #9.” Follow AK at, and @thebandak.--"All of Them Witches," recorded on 10/13/2014 at the Bell House in Brooklyn, NY, was a one-night-only variety show hosted by Bonnie & Maude's Kseniya Yarosh and Eleanor Kagan, that explored portrayals of witches and witchcraft in pop culture, film and television.

All of Them Witches #3: The Brides of Satan

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In the '60s and '70s, the golden age of exploitation cinema, witches in film were branded as one thing only: Satanic. Um, but their Satanic witch parties sound totally awesome?! Tenebrous Kate invites you to spend a little time with such women, and traces their reputation to, of all places, the birthplace of ABBA: Sweden.Follow Tenebrous Kate at, and @tenebrouskate.--"All of Them Witches," recorded on 10/13/2014 at the Bell House in Brooklyn, NY, was a one-night-only variety show hosted by Bonnie & Maude's Kseniya Yarosh and Eleanor Kagan, that explored portrayals of witches and witchcraft in pop culture, film and television.

All of Them Witches #2: American Horror Story: Coven

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If a witch is a woman who is notorious for her power, then she has a lot in common with celebrities, right? Writer Racheline Maltese peers into the world of American Horror Story: Coven to find the connections between fame, creepy dolls, and Stevie Nicks.Follow Racheline Maltese at, and @racheline_m. --"All of Them Witches," recorded on 10/13/2014 at the Bell House in Brooklyn, NY, was a one-night-only variety show hosted by Bonnie & Maude's Kseniya Yarosh and Eleanor Kagan, that explored portrayals of witches and witchcraft in pop culture, film and television.

All of Them Witches #1: Bewitched

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Eleanor and Kseniya chat about what inspired them to put together a witches-focused variety show and which (ha) aspects of the theme they find most intriguing. Kseniya opens the evening by taking a second look at her favorite witch from childhood reruns, Samantha from Bewitched, and considers how Elizabeth Montgomery's portrayal might have been more progressive than the sitcom setting would suggest. Plus, chamber pop singer AK performs a gorgeous cover of "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered."  Follow AK at, and @thebandak.  --"All of Them Witches," recorded on 10/13/2014 at the Bell House in Brooklyn, NY, was a one-night-only variety show hosted by Bonnie & Maude's Kseniya Yarosh and Eleanor Kagan, that explored portrayals of witches and witchcraft in pop culture, film and television.

Ep. 27: What Movies Should We Show Our Kids? // GUEST: Manoush Zomorodi

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Host of the WNYC program New Tech CityManoush Zomorodi joins us to vent. In addition to being an all-around badass veteran broadcaster, she's a mother of two, and is on a perpetual quest for quality entertainment to enjoy with her family. In 2014, not only have kids' movies evolved in style and substance, but the method by which kids consume media has also radically changed. 

In this episode, two films are on the chopping block: The LEGO Movie vs. Despicable Me. See if you can predict which one won over Manoush's family and which one was a tremendous disappointment. The factors that make a movie "good" for a film enthusiast who is also a mother may surprise you.

Closing music: "Everything is Awesome" cover by PianoKeyz

Ep. 26 - Sweetie // GUEST: Lara Gallagher

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Jane Campion's first feature is odd, gorgeous, and bursting with ideas -- and foreshadows her future breathtaking work in The Piano and Top of the Lake. Kay and Sweetie, two sisters with starkly opposing personalities, give us the chance to talk about on-screen and real life siblings. We also discuss Peel, Campion's first short film, as well as American Gladiators, our guest Lara Gallagher's latest short that recently screened at Palm Springs International ShortFest. The film will be screening this October at Mill Valley Film Festival (screening times), San Jose International Film Festival (Oct.9-12) and St. John's Women's Film Festival (Oct.14-18th). Find more of Lara's work, including her music videos for Hospitality and Wild Flag, here.  Additional reading: Order Muppets vs. Chaos Muppets, by Dahlia Lithwick in Slate. --More information about next live event "All of Them Witches" is available here

Ep. 25 - Kathryn Bigelow // GUEST: Aviv Rubinstien

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Join us for a discussion of Kathryn Bigelow's most adrenaline-fueled features, Point Break (1991) and The Hurt Locker (2008). We'll draw a through-line from her cartoonish surfer action flick to the gritty war drama that earned her an Oscar. Along with director, writer, and musician Aviv Rubinstien, we trace the recurring themes of her films, her varied visual styles, and hone in on her aversion of being referred to as a Female Director. She is a Director, point break.

Bonnie & Maude: 24-Hour Movie Marathon

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Bonnie & Maude is taking part in Brooklyn Academy of Music's 24-Hour Movie Marathon on Sept. 5th. Twenty-four hours of movies! Will we lose our minds? Find out how you can contribute to kids' arts education and our slow descent into madness, from the comfort of your own couch. Donate here!

Ep. 24 - You Are Hair, Part 1

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Listen to the first half of "You Are Hair," a live variety show we mounted earlier this year to root into the subject of female hair as seen in movies, television, and pop culture. Revel in the power of the pixie cut, as seen in Beyonce and Miley videos. Realize that you're not the only one who experienced Little Mermaid hair envy. And that side-shave haircut you see everywhere? It once stood for something...does it still?

The live audio used in this episode was originally recorded at Littlefield in Brooklyn, NY on March 11, 2014. Featuring:  Tessa Brown (Hiphopocracy@tessalaprofessa) Aisha Harris (Slate@craftingmystyle) Cassie Wagler (Romantic Friendship Videos from these presentations can be viewed here Part 2 coming next month!

Ep. 23 - Maleficent // GUEST: Sophie Bushwick

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We talk Disney's Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie's cheekbones and Long Lasting Lipstick. To give us the fairy tale perspective, our guest is Tabled Fables Podcast co-host Sophie Bushwick, who adds context on the varied history and mixed morals of Sleeping Beauty as told by Brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault. While we appreciate that Maleficent subverts some stale tropes like "true love's kiss" and actually puts its female characters in center of the action, we find some of the more adult themes of this PG film quite troubling.  Plus: Why do we need villain origin stories in the first place? And why does it always gotta be about revenge? --Outro Music: "Once Upon A Dream" (theme from Sleeping Beauty) sung by Lana Del Rey

BonBon - Anne Hathaway's Catwoman

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In this bonus mini episode, we talk about Anne Hathaway's latest incarnation of Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, and our guest David Archer tells a touching personal story about how Michelle Pfeiffer's deranged Catwoman scared him as a child. Plus: What's David's beef with a blonde Selina Kyle, anyway?

Ep. 22 - Batman Returns // GUEST: David Archer (PODCRAWL)

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We discuss Batman Returns as an introduction to a three-part '90s Batman Sequels Podcrawl with our podcast pals Read It And Weep and Proudly Resents

We've encountered two other cinematic takes on Catwoman since the 1992 Tim Burton-directed film. But Michelle Pfeiffer's hyper-sexual and winking performance is still as fresh as ever in this convoluted Christmas story, where its trio of villains outshine Michael Keaton's caped crusader.

Plus, meet the East Coast's utmost Catwoman expert David Archer. He walks us through the history of the character from her inception to her ever-evolving costumes and motives for vengeance.

Remember to listen in on June 12th to Read It And Weep's take on Batman Forever (1995) and on June 19th for Proudly Resents' discussion of Batman & Robin (1997).

Ep. 21 - The Craft // GUEST: Lyra Hill

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To those for whom the phrase "light as a feather, stiff as a board" sends shivers up the spine: our newest episode deconstructs The Craft -- a staple of '90s slumber parties and one of the most problematic portrayals of teen girl empowerment.  We speak to Lyra Hill (previously a guest for our Cabaret discussion) about her thoughts on The Craft from the perspective of a Pagan, a feminist, and a filmmaker. Lyra is in the final stages of completing the short film Uzi's Party (teaser) and it was a thrill to get a first look at the project and dig into her theories on possession and its ties to performance and femininity.

BonBon - Dave Itzkoff on 'Network'

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In a further exploration of the 'working women' conversation started in Episode 20, Eleanor speaks with Dave Itzkoff, author of the revealing new book Mad as Hell: The Making of Network and the Fateful Vision of the Angriest Man in Movies. He shares some of on- and off-set anecdotes about screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky and star Faye Dunaway, and they ponder the lasting impact of Network, whose commentary on women in the workplace preceded concepts of "lean in" and "glass ceiling."

Ep. 20 - His Girl Friday + Network // GUEST: Meg Sweeney Lawless

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Many female movie characters have jobs. But what makes a "working woman" movie? Along with our guest, writer/producer/dramaturge Meg Sweeney Lawless, we focus on two unforgettable, hard-nosed working ladies in two classic films: His Girl Friday (1940) and Network (1976). Both films are dark comedies that offer behind the scenes looks at the world of news media, but we leave feeling very differently about its female leads -- why? What makes Rosalind Russell's fast-talking dame so different from Faye Dunaway cool and calculating Diana? You'll be surprised to discover that they have more in common than a first glance would suggest.

Ep. 19 - The Woman Chaser // GUEST: Caroline Golum

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Hated by most critics upon its 1999 release, The Woman Chaser is a lost gem, available only on VHS or bootleg. Patrick Warburton (Seinfeld, The Tick) is a car salesman craving artistic release as an independent filmmaker in this neo-noir that walks the line between comedy and tragedy. The film hits every mark on the misogynist checklist in its path to illustrate masculine discontent. Despite its many wrong turns, Kseniya and Eleanor were mostly charmed by the unusual tale of a cinema-loving lug and were intrigued by our guest Caroline Golum's surprising personal connection to the film. Viewing it as a child on late night television, free of feminist judgment, this tale of a man chasing a cinematic dream provided an erotic charge for young Caroline and  artistic inspiration for her future filmmaking and film programming. --- Live Show Alert! Bonnie & Maude Presents: You Are Hair -- an evening of edutainment on the subject of women's hair in television, film, and pop culture. 8PM / March 11, 2014 / Littlefield in Brooklyn, NY More info here --- Leave us a voicemail with your suggestions and thoughts: 530-628-3379 ---Closing music: "Bacoa" by Les Baxter

Ep. 18 - Frozen

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We begin another snowy month in Brooklyn with a discussion of Frozen, the latest Disney animated film to take the box office by storm. As expected, Frozen has many familiar elements -- songs, orphans, princesses, endless mention of "true love," and an adorably goofy sidekick -- but the story (the first Disney animated feature to be directed by a woman!) also plays on what we know about fairy tale tropes and twists them in a direction that is focused more on sisterly love rather than romance. Kseniya & Eleanor discuss their childhood impressions of Disney films, their surprised enjoyment of Frozen, and what they hope to see in future productions from the studio. Bonus: we read some letters from our mailbag and play a voicemail message we received via 530-628-3379 -- Closing music: "Let It Go" by Idina Menzel

Ep. 17 - Drop Dead Gorgeous // GUEST: Rommel Wood

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We discuss Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999), a darkly hilarious mockumentary about a small town beauty pageant that turns violent. Kirsten Dunst once again flexes her comedic muscles, alongside Ellen Barkin and Allison Janney as "the white trash Laverne and Shirley." Amy Adams tries out the sexpot character long before the success of American Hustle or the awkwardness of Cruel Intentions 2. A terrific female cast all around and an unusual script by Lona Williams, who we hope to see more from in the future. Joined by guest Rommel Wood, potentially the movie's #1 fan (she has pretty much the entire film memorized!), Eleanor and Kseniya explore the upsides of black humor, the downsides of pageant and small town life, and the rare instances of when violence against women is actually women. Closing music: "Drop Dead Gorgeous" by New Mystery Girl

Ep. 16 - Women in Space // GUEST: Matt Carman

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The final frontier: women surviving space by way of fearlessness, wit, sex, and a prominent stripping scene. In one of our laugh-iest episodes ever, Eleanor and Kseniya discuss Gravity (2013), Alien (1979), and Barbarella (1968) with I Love Bad Movies co-editor Matt Carman. We debate whether Ripley is a cat lady, the concept of the "final girl," and Sandra Bullock's frequent vehicle troubles. End credits music: Leonard Nimoy, "Music To Watch Space Girls By"

Ep. 15 - Rosemary's Baby // GUEST: Dr. Paula Kagan

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An epic tale of the horrors of motherhood. And who better to discuss this with if not one of our very own mothers? Eleanor, Kseniya, and Eleanor's mom, Dr. Paula Kagan, delve into the surprisingly funny and spooky aspects of Polanski's classic film and our own early scares. Dr. Paula Kagan is an author, radical nurse, Associate Professor of nursing, as well as an affiliated faculty member of Women & Gender Studies at DePaul University in Chicago.

Ep. 14 - Mrs. Anti-Hero: Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Sopranos // GUEST: Mike Katzif

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Spoiler Alert. Recorded the morning of the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad, Kseniya and Eleanor take a look at television's most riveting anti-heros--Breaking Bad's Walter White, Mad Men's Don Draper, and Sopranos' Tony Soprano--through the wives who must deal with them. Skyler White, Betty Draper, and Carmela Soprano, often the recipients of Internet ire, are in need of exploration and your hosts, with the help of Pop Culture Happy Hour's Mike Katzif, are here to do so. (For spoilage purposes, Orange Is The New Black, Orphan Black, Nurse Jackie and Enlightened are also briefly discussed.) Music: "Nasty Gal" by Betty Davis Related reading: