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Episode 34 – Letting Go of the Nevers with Teri Johnson

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Don’t let the nevers hold you back. Teri Johnson joins […]

Episode 33 – Annie Sisk Tackles Customer Service

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Customer service can make or break a business. Do you know how your small business stacks up? Annie Sisk joins the dynamic duo to discuss the good, the bad, and the really, really ugly in customer service.

Episode 32 – Laura & Nicole Tackle Gamification

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Wondering about gamification in business? Is it a fad, […]

Episode 31 – Andy Bailey, CommentLuv

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Think you can't create a disruptive technology as the little guy? Think that health challenges hold you back from entrepreneurial success? Think again!

Episode 30 – Janel Anderson, Working Conversations

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Do you feel like you NEVER have enough time to get everything done? Can't reach your business goals because you are always putting out fires? Meet Janel Anderson, your cure for this Kryptonite.

Episode 29 – Adam Shepard, One Year Lived

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Adam Shepard joined us LIVE on the air to discuss his book One Year Lived. Adam's adventures and lessons learned range from eating termites (really!) to volunteering in third world countries with other crazy stuff thrown in while finding love.

Episode 28 – Michael Port, Book Yourself Solid Illustrated

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Michael Port, TP, and Ninja Hands. Michael Port, Author of Book Yourself Solid Illustrated joins the dynamic duo from his boat for an interview that will entertain and help your business grow.

Fight Ideamageddon – Keep Call a Biz Hero on the Air

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Successful entrepreneurs must decide quickly and accurately which ideas to implement and which to drop. Sounds easy, but in reality it’s tough. This is Ideamaggedon.

Episode 27 – Natalie Sisson, The Suitcase Entrepreneur

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Pack your bags and join The Suitcase Entrepreneur. Do you dream of traveling to exotic locations? Wish your business was as mobile as you are? Meet Natalie Sisson.

Episode 26 – Nick Armstrong of WTF Marketing

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Nick Armstrong of WTF Marketing returns to discuss his journey to business owner, business ethics and top warning signs when hiring a web developer or designer.