Captains In Space

de Federico Hatoum

The Space Comedy Episodic Space!


The Venutian Candidate

por Federico Hatoum

Spacewoman Schaefer is in the fight of her life to become the next President of Space and the only people who stand in her way are two co-captains and a lady computer. Who's ready to be pandered to?

Hairy Situation

por Federico Hatoum

Captains Fed and Matt are overcome by a mysterious green gas which has unusual side effects. Also, sexy ladies visit the ship. Maybe we should have said that first.


por Federico Hatoum

The Captains answer an age-old question: Is beauty in the eye of the beholder, or is Captain Adam more handsome than Captain Fed?

Proms Away

por Federico Hatoum

What better time to plan a prom than when you're the only two humans on an enormous space research vessel, there are no women on board, and you're millions of miles from earth?

Future Shock

por Federico Hatoum

A mysterious visitor from the future claims to be Adam, visiting his past self via a time machine. Captain Fed is dubious, for reasons that will soon become abundantly clear. Also, beverages are much discussed.


por Federico Hatoum

Someone is stealing Captain Fed's cupcakes. But who? Given that there are only two people and one disembodied computer onboard, the choices are unlimited-less.


por Federico Hatoum

When Captain Fed's girlfriend breaks up with him, Captain Adam comes to the "rescue" with "sage" advice.

In the Mood...For Fun

por Federico Hatoum

During an emergency, Captain Adam and Captain Fed can't agree on their shipboard duties. For reasons initially unclear, Frankie, the Otto-5's sexy onboard computer, offers little help to resolve the issue. One thing's for sure: this is the first episode of Captains In Space.