Interview with Dr. Bill Dembski

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podcast: Darwin or Design with Dr. Tom Woodward

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Dr. William Dembski, one of the chief architects of intelligent design theory, is interviewed about the latest developments in the design controversy, with the focus on his new book, "Understanding Intelligent Design," coauthored with Sean McDowell. Dr. Dembski is also the author of ground-breaking book "The Design Inference" and co-editor (with Darwinist Michael Ruse) of "Debating Design." Both of these books were published by Cambridge University Press in Cambridge, England. In addition, he wrote three foundational books on design theory: "The Design Revolution," "Intelligent Design," and :No Free Lunch." He holds doctorates from the University of Illinois in the philosophy of science, and from the University of Chicago in mathematics. Enjoy Dr. Woodward's interview with this brilliant pioneer of design theory!

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