Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

de Cory Doctorow


Episode 8

por Cory Doctorow

Lil's parents come back from the dead, and that isn't a good thing. Jules hits bottom. It's time for him to start over, fresh.

Episode 7

por Cory Doctorow

Jules runs out of Whuffie. Debra takes over the Mansion. Dan and Jules fight back. The beginnings of the Bitchun Society and the ad-hocracy.

Episode 6

por Cory Doctorow

Jules' rehab of the mansion isn't going well. He does something stupid.

Episode 5

por Cory Doctorow

We learn about Zoya, Jules' ex. Jules sees a doctor. It doesn't go well.

Episode 4

por Cory Doctorow

Jules gets a brilliant idea for rehabbing the Haunted Mansion to compete with Debra. He's not well, and makes a shocking discovery.

Episode 3

por Cory Doctorow

Jules gets suspicious, and launches a sneak attack on the Hall. It doesn't go well.

Episode 2

por Cory Doctorow

Jules is refreshed and relives the crime. Debra and her minions take over the Hall of Presidents. Jules gets a demo of their spectacular upgrade.

Episode 1

por Cory Doctorow

We meet Jules, his pal Dan, and his girlfriend Lil and learn a little about ad-hocracy. Oh yeah, and Jules gets murdered.