Everything is Alive

de Ian Chillag

Interviews with inanimate objects.


Dina, Pacifier

por Ian Chillag

Dina’s not in a good place, but maybe she’s headed to one.

Featuring Dina Hashem. You can find more from Dina on the social media of your choice @dinahashem_.

Vinny, Vending Machine

por Ian Chillag

Vinny has been through a lot, and a lot has been through Vinny.

Featuring Vinny Thomas. Find more from Vinny on Instagram and Twitter @vinn_ayy.

Season Four Preview

por Ian Chillag

A few of the inanimate objects you’ll meet on the new season of Everything is Alive, launching September 22nd.

Adam, Stool

por Ian Chillag

Adam has been the stool on stage at a comedy club for a long time. What do you do around standup when you were made for sitting?

Adam is played by Adam Burke.

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Martin, Paper Towel Dispenser

por Ian Chillag

Martin is a paper towel dispenser outside a hardware store, and he's wondering how he got there.

Featuring Martin Morrow. Martin is a comedian, writer, and improviser in Los Angeles. Follow him on socials at @martinMmorrow and stream his album Magic of the City!

Maria and Joel

por Ian Chillag

Part one: Maria is a box of tissues, without much to cry about. Part two: Joel is a water fountain thirsting for more.

Featuring Maria Bamford and Joel Kim Booster.

Lillian, Song

por Ian Chillag

Ian has a song stuck in his head. Imagine how the song feels.

Featuring Lillian King.

Colin, Ten Dollar Bill

por Ian Chillag

Colin is a ten dollar bill, and he’s wondering what he’s worth.

Featuring Colin Nissan.

Deleted Scenes II

por Ian Chillag

A few scenes that didn’t make the cut for one reason or another. Featuring the Russian Dolls, Emmy the Pregnancy Test, Josh the Chainsaw, and more.

Eugene, Tattoo

por Ian Chillag

Eugene is a tattoo, and for now, he’s staying right where he is.

Featuring Eugene Cordero.

Mirror, Mirror

por Ian Chillag

A restaurant bathroom mirror takes a moment to reflect.

Featuring Alex Song-Xia.

Louise & William, Shirt & Pants

por Ian Chillag

Louise is an oxford shirt and William is leather pants. They may hang in the same closet, but they’ve seen different worlds.

Featuring Alexandra Dickson and Connor Ratliff.

Josh, Chainsaw

por Ian Chillag

Josh has a warning: don't get too close, but don't stay too far away either.

Featuring Josh Gondelman.

Tami and Ed, Sharpie

por Ian Chillag

Tami is a sharpie, and Ed is her cap. After all these years, marriage has left an indelible mark.

Featuring Tami Sagher and Ed Herbstman.

Season 3 Preview

por Ian Chillag

Season Three of Everything is Alive begins Wednesday, March 18th, 2020. Mark your calendar, unless your calendar objects.

Bonus Episode: The Magic 8 Ball

por Ian Chillag

The Magic 8 Ball can’t tell you his name. This bonus episode is part of Radiotopia’s 2019 Fundraising Drive. Make your mark. Go to radiotopia.fm to donate today.

Scott, Stethoscope

por Ian Chillag

Scott is always listening.

Charu, Satellite

por Ian Chillag

Charu is a satellite. Is she alone in the universe?

Jennifer, Newspaper

por Ian Chillag

Jennifer is a copy of The Canberra Times from October 24th, 1988. She might not be news anymore, but she’s still paper.

Chioke, Pane of Glass

por Ian Chillag

Note: this episode is a followup to “Chioke, Grain of Sand.” If you haven’t heard that episode, we suggest starting there.

Chioke just wants to be transparent with you.

Sebastian, Alex, and Alex, Russian Dolls

por Ian Chillag

Sebastian, Alex, and Alex get to know each other, inside and out.

Connor, Painting

por Ian Chillag

Connor is a painting, but is anybody looking at him?

Petey, Baseball Cap

por Ian Chillag

Petey’s just trying to stay on top.

Emmy, Pregnancy Test

por Ian Chillag

Emmy is just trying to stay positive.

Alligator, Alligator

por Ian Chillag

Alligator is a stuffed animal, and things are about to get different.

Shannon, Bath Towel

por Ian Chillag

Shannon just wants to be part of the story.

Bonus Episode: Deleted Scenes

por Ian Chillag

A special bonus episode featuring a few scenes that for one reason or another got cut out of Season One. Featuring Louis, Can of Cola, Maeve the Lamppost, Sean the Subway Seat, and more. Support our show and Radiotopia by making a donation at radiotopia.fm.

Sean, Subway Seat

por Ian Chillag

Sean loves his job, and he’s looking for a connection.

Ayo, Balloon

por Ian Chillag

Ayo has achieved great heights, but she would like to come back down.

Annie, Jack o' Lantern

por Ian Chillag

Annie is a jack o’ lantern, but she doesn’t want to scare you.

Chioke, Grain of Sand

por Ian Chillag

Chioke is a grain of sand. He’s not as small as he looks.

Paul, Tooth

por Ian Chillag

Paul is a tooth. He may have been knocked out, but he’s not giving up.

Ana, Elevator

por Ian Chillag

Ana is an elevator. She’s headed for great heights.

Tara, Bar of Soap

por Ian Chillag

Tara is a bar of soap. She may be just a sliver now, but she’s got a lot of fight left.

Dennis, Pillow

por Ian Chillag

While we are sleeping, Dennis has dreams too.