I'm Just Sayin'

de Beth and Sean Campbell

Random thoughts on weekly events by an average Joe and Jane


I'm Just Sayin': 2011-11-16 Bacon, Netflix, Sandusky, Oops

por Beth and Sean Campbell

This week Beth and Sean revel in Turkey tales, discuss the merits of bacon and food choices, ponder the insanity that is Netflix, and shake their heads back in forth in disbelief at the Sandusky/Costas interview.

I'm Just Sayin': 2011-11-03 Evolution, PETA, In God We Trust

por Beth and Sean Campbell

In this episode Beth and Sean once again get into a heated discussion about Sean's oddball beliefs on evolution. They also touch on PETA's latest stunt and Beth's disappointment in our government wasting time voting to keep "In God We Trust" as the national motto.

I'm Just Sayin': 2011-10-20 Brain Trauma, Fox News Haters, Exotic Midwestern Pets

por Beth and Sean Campbell

In this episode Beth and Sean return from a long hiatus during which Sean was recovering from a car accident. They recap the accident and then get into some discussion on Fox News, an Ohio man who let out 50 exotic pets just before shooting himself, and a few other tidbits.

I'm Just Sayin': 2011-09-02 Bachmann, Mac & Cheese Burgers, True Blood, UFO's, Pet Allergies

por Beth and Sean Campbell

In this episode Beth and Sean ponder the stupidity that is Michelle Bachmann, debate whether Beth saw a cougar on the way to work, wonder what went wrong with True Blood, and evaluate the future of UFO's. This and more, don't forget to look us up on Facebook.

I'm Just Sayin': 2011-08-15 Bobby Flay, Mosquitos, Google, Amoebas, Coddling the Rich

por Beth and Sean Campbell

In this episode Sean returns as he and Beth ponder bat-sized mosquitos, Bobby Flay spoilers, and Google's purchase of Motorola. They also touch on Warren Buffett, Michelle Bachmann, the religious "wrong," and good customer service. Please contact us at bethandseantalk@yahoo.com or on twitter @bethandseantalk.

I'm Just Sayin': 2011-08-11 Liberals Unite! No Conservatives Allowed!

por Beth and Sean Campbell

In this episode, ultra liberal guest DeWayne (our gay friend) substitutes for Sean in a No Conservatism (or religion) Allowed discourse. They tackle such topics as Rick Perry, Rich Selfish Republicans, Deep Fried Butter, and randomly speak in foreign accents.

I'm Just Sayin': 2011-08-04 Amazon, Birth Control, Twitter, & Paleo Diets

por Beth and Sean Campbell

Beth and Sean get into another heated debate about whether people have a right to health care and why women need to take charge of their sexuality. We also cover such topics as "Wigga" day in Minnesota, The Paleo Diet, Video Games, amazon.com, twitter, and Stephen Colbert's latest video.

I'm Just Sayin': 2011-07-28 Slutwalk, Hot Dogs, and the Debt Ceiling

por Beth and Sean Campbell

In this episode guest DeWayne returns, giving his input with Beth and Sean on such topics as Hot Dogs, deep fried bacon, the Toronto Slutwalk, and the debt ceiling.

I'm Just Sayin': 2011-07-21 Heat, Evolution, NFL Lockout, & Game of Thrones

por Beth and Sean Campbell

In this episode Sean and Beth span such topics as Blackberry trauma, the NFL Lockout is over, Game of Thrones and Dark Tower casting, Evolution, and Social Media overload.