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It’s all about the X’s and O’s, Jimmys and Joes when Nick Roush and Adam Luckett bring out the microscope to talk Kentucky football and break down the Cats’ upcoming opponents.


Choke Artists and 2023 Quarterbacks

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After almost two years of football talk, 11 Personnel has reached 100 episodes. Nick Roush and Adam Luckett celebrate with some schadenfreude, comparing the Doc Rivers and Ben Simmons blow-up to the worst disasters in modern college football history. Of course, they also have a few technical difficulties and some serious football recruiting discussions as Kentucky keys in on three 2023 quarterbacks. Highlights from episode 100: 

-- The oddities of UK's 2017 loss to Florida deserve an oral history.

-- Remember that time Lamar fumbled? 

-- The latest on Ryan Baer's recruitment following his official visit. 

-- Will one five-star commitment stick? 

-- Which successful QB Luckett sees in Destin Wade.

-- A positive sign from Keaten Wade.

-- Oklahoma's interest is a good sign for one UK QB recruit. 

Offical Visits and a LOADED UK Sunday Showcase Camp

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Like everyday, it's a great day to make fun of Louisville. The Cards can't get out of their own way with one piece of stupidity after another during a big recruiting weekend, but before Nick Roush and Adam Luckett roast UofL, they break down everything that happened during Kentucky's second Sunday Showcase Camp. A talented affair during a busy recruiting weekend, there's a lot to love in the latest 11 Personnel, like...

-- Rising talents from the Commonwealth.  

-- Three players you need to know from the camp. 

-- Mullets are all the way back. 

-- An official visitor on commitment watch? 

-- What Jacquez Jones brings to Lexington. 

-- Who left Lexington with scholarship offers. 

-- Get old, stay old. 

Recalibrating at Summer Camp

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The Kentucky football team has resumed official activities by bringing players back into the weight room and hosting talented recruits at camps. Nick Roush and Adam Luckett describe what they saw at the first UK Football Sunday Showcase and share a few significant recruiting nuggets as official and unofficial visitors make their way into Lexington. Highlights: 

-- Scheduling problems during the camp crunch. 

-- A few notable underclassmen QBs UK is recruiting.

-- One area Kentucky is hitting hard "that craps out football talent." 

-- Figuring out the new tertiary recruiting areas after Clinkscale's departure. 

-- The latest on UK's pursuit of Jacquez Jones. 

-- It feels GREAT to be back to normal. 

Calm Before the Recruiting Storm

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The Dead Period is DEAD. On the latest episode of 11 Personnel, Nick Roush and Adam Luckett mount up for what will be a busy month of recruiting for the Kentucky Football program. They discuss what you need to keep an eye on in the month of June, among other things, like...

-- The two primary goals the coaching staff wants to accomplish in June.

-- Bus Tours SZN. 

-- What we know about Chris Collins. 

-- An unlikely college basketball coach killer. 

-- Sliding door moments in college sports. 

-- Noon kickoffs, not that bad. 


Win Totals and Anonymous Coaches

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Summer Radio is in full swing. This week two of our favorite college football offseason topics surfaced, future bets on win totals and scouting reports from anonymous coaches. Nick Roush and Adam Luckett wade through the muck to tell you exactly what you need to know and how it could potentially help your wallet. Highlights: 

-- Luckett's struggle to find an Athlon magazine on newsstands.

-- QB accuracy questions vs. physical tools.  

-- 11 Personnel isn't the only place questioning Scott Satterfield's culture fit on Floyd St.

-- One SEC school who's worse off at WR than UK. 

-- Kentucky's path to hitting over 6.5. 

-- A couple good-looking unders. 

-- Evaluating the 2021 road trips.


Dreaming Big

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The fine folks at 247 Sports predicted a 6-0 start for the Kentucky Football team, which got Adam Luckett and Nick Roush thinking. How do they get there? What would it look like if they got there? Is the BBN tasting Sugar on New Year's Day? All of those questions are answered and more on the latest edition of 11 Personnel. Highlights: 

-- Will Levis is on campus at the most fun time of the year to be on campus. 

-- Why Archie Collins could check a lot of boxes as a DB coach. 

-- What is Mark Stoops' second best team at Kentucky? 

-- How can the 2021 Cats' become the second best Stoops team? 

-- Ranking all of the coaches in Power Five football. 

-- PGA Championship Locks from Luckett. 

Coach Clink is on the move

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Mark Stoops is in need of a new assistant coach. On Tuesday we learned that Steve Clinkscale is living Lexington to take a similar role at Michigan. In the latest edition of 11 Personnel, Nick Roush and Adam Luckett explain why Coach Clink was attracted to Jim Harbaugh's staff, even though his seat is perpetually hot. They also try to break down what could be next for the UK football program. Highlights:

-- What Clinkscale brought to the table from the Great Lakes State and beyond. 

-- The UK assistant that needs to step up on the recruiting trail. 

-- Who's next? That's anybody's guess. 

-- Mr. Football running it back. 

-- More than one new assistant coach on the move? 

-- A feud with Michael Bennett?

The Picks Are In

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The NFL Draft has come to a close and the Wildcats have made history with six players taken off the board in Cleveland. Adam Luckett joins Nick Roush to discuss everything that went down and how the players fit in with their new teams. Highlights:

-- A great spot for Davis to grow in Washington.

-- Two players in the secondary could be day one starters.

-- Luckett talks himself into the Bengals taking a WR over an OL in the first round.

-- Raiders gonna Raider. 

-- It was a weird draft for the Cowboys. 

-- What Landon and Drake need to prove to make rosters. 

The NFL Draft and Kentucky Derby Wheelhouse

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We've somehow found two sporting events that perfectly coincide with each podcasters' respective wheelhouse. Nick Roush is a Kentucky Derby feen. Adam Luckett is an NFL Draft savant. Combine the two and you have one wonderful hour of audio previewing the two biggest stories in sports. Highlights: 

  • It's time to end the pre-Draft circus. 
  • Steals of the NFL Draft. 
  • Why teams are willing to use a 1st pick on a LB like Davis. 
  • It's a bad year for edge defenders. 
  • Kliff Kingsbury STINKS. 
  • There's a wide draft window for multiple Wildcats. 
  • Bad measurables for Boogie. 
  • Horse betting strategies to win big. 
  • Beers, ranked. 

Surprises from a Cold War Spring

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The 2021 edition of Kentucky football spring practice was tight-lipped, even by Mark Stoops standards. Despite the secrecy surrounding the Joe Craft Football Training Facility, Nick Roush and Adam Luckett learned a few new things about the Wildcats. They share the most surprising revelations and more on the latest 11 Personnel. Highlights: 

-- There's complaining to complain, and legit grievances. 

-- Josh Kattus is ready to go.

-- Reaching into metropolitan eras within UK's 6-hour recruiting radius. 

-- Volley-talk.

-- Scheming open receivers. 

-- What Josh Paschal can do to opposing offenses this season. 

Kiyaunta Goodwin and the Wade Twins are Wildcats

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An historic recruiting weekend for the Kentucky football team calls for an emergency Saturday night podcast. Nick Roush and Adam Luckett break down what the high-profile additions of Kiyaunta Goodwin, Keaten and Destin Wade mean for the Wildcats' future. Highlights: 

  • Goodwin's athleticism is unparalleled to humans his size. 
  • How UK kept "chipping away" to win big. 
  • The role the Big Blue Wall played to get Goodwin. 
  • Stoops has successfully built a fence around the state.
  • Stealing players from the state of Tennessee from the Vols is glorious. 
  • Keaten Wade is the perfect fit in UK's defense.
  • Destin Wade is much more than an "Athlete."
  • How the 22 class stacks up with its predecessors. 

Questions with Gravitas

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It's the final week of Kentucky football spring practice. Can you believe it? Nick Roush and Adam Luckett have the latest from Kroger Field and dish on the positive and negative developments from the recruiting front. Highlights

  • Foul ball!
  • "He makes skinny people look fat."
  • The most important piece of the defense in 2021.
  • Property damage and breaking face masks.
  • What position will Trevin Wallace play?
  • Kentucky's lingering QB problem. 
  • The significance of Kiyaunta Goodwin. 

A Smooth Transition

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The college basketball season has officially ended. Turn the page into college football season by listening to 11 Personnel with Nick Roush and Adam Luckett. The two share the latest from Kentucky spring football after touching on a variety of topics, such as...

  • Who is the Mark Few of college football? 
  • Early Kentucky Derby handicapping.
  • The best broadcasting crews need more personality in college football. 
  • Finally, a not-so-happy Liam Coen.
  • The difference between some early enrollees and returning freshmen. 
  • Darian Kinnard is terrifying. 
  • Value gambling picks for The Masters. 

UK Pro Day and Non-Conference Scheduling

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Nick Roush and Adam Luckett returned to the mic to talk football as 11 former Wildcats took the field to participate in Combine drills at UK Pro Day. Before the event kicked off Louisville scheduled a home-and-home series with Georgia, prompting an animated discussion on non-conference scheduling. Highlights:    

  • Pro Day numbers might be misleading in more than one way. 
  • Does anyone ask Liam Coen better questions than Luckett?
  • UK is gaining recruiting momentum, particularly in the state of Kentucky. 
  • Breaking down the juice in Treyveon Longmire's game. 
  • Flax, Crumes and Sheron flash in spring practice. 
  • There's a fine line between fun and reckless out of conference football scheduling. 

So Much Spring Football Excitement

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Mark Stoops is trying to temper expectations ahead of the Wildcats' 2021 season. So far, the exact opposite has happened at Kentucky spring practice. Brad White and Liam Coen love what they're seeing from the Wildcats. Nick Roush and Adam Luckett share all of the exciting developments and discuss: 

  • Joey Gatewood's offensive revelations
  • Footwork details mitigate mistakes. 
  • How cadence can be used as a tool to give QBs early reads. 
  • Does the offense sound more like the Rams or Alabama?
  • A real world comparison to the transfer portal.
  • Eli Capilouto at UK Pro Day.

Spring Practice Kicks Off

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It's officially Football Time in the Bluegrass™. Kentucky kicked off spring practice Tuesday morning and Nick Roush and Adam Luckett have everything covered on the latest edition of 11 Personnel. They have reaction from the players as well as an introduction to a new coach, John Settle. Highlights from the beautiful spring morning in Lexington, KY: 

  • Installing Fundamentals in Coen's offense. 
  • "Slow to, fast through." 
  • New numbers for newcomers.
  • Stoops has given fans Co-special teams coordinators. 
  • Good news and bad news on the recruiting front. 
  • Can Coen prevent Kentucky football from turning into the Chicago Bears of the SEC? 
  • Wohlabaugh, the Bash Bro. 


Spring Practice Preview

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Spring Football is almost here in the Bluegrass. Nick Roush is celebrating the return of Kentucky football with KSR's newest full-time employee, Adam Luckett. The dynamic duo breaks down each UK position group ahead of the important 15-practice period on the latest edition of 11 Personnel. Highlights:  

  • Fade Missouri 
  • The odds on favorite to win the QB competition. 
  • Why some QB talk will be empty calories. 
  • Absurd C-Rod advance stats. 
  • Stick butter or tub butter? 
  • Will two tight ends be Liam Coen's base package?
  • Time for the freshmen on the defensive line to shine.
  • The most valuable and important player on UK's defense. 

Recruiting and Gambling

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It's a slow crawl to spring practice. Kentucky football is a welcome refuge from the men's basketball team, so Nick Roush and Adam Luckett have a little something for everyone in this edition of 11 Personnel, like...

-- The transfer portal is popping. 

-- Notre Dame is Kentucky's new adversary on the recruiting trail. 

-- Significant positive and negative recruiting developments in Michigan. 

-- Important experience returning at all four levels of the defense. 

-- How Barnhart and Stoops have made UK one of the most attractive coaching destinations in the SEC.

-- Where UK ranks in SEC wins over last three years. 

-- QB recruiting is a crapshoot. 


Pleasant NFL Draft Surprises, Comparable COVID Problems and Girl Scout Cookies

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The college football offseason has slowed to a crawl, but that doesn't mean Nick Roush and Adam Luckett are slowing down. They're still talking some football, like Jamin Davis and Kelvin Joseph's latest NFL Draft developments, while debating other very important questions, such as, "Which Girl Scout cookies are best?" A few other random topics discussed...

-- Bad news and good news from the world of golf. 

-- Scientifically assessing how many Miller Lites were consumed at the Mack Family Christmas.  

-- Luckett was wrong about Bossman Fat. 

-- Are you ready for the Louisville Xtreme?

-- Who was hurt by COVID more, the UK basketball or football team?

-- The value in banking wins. 

-- Developments in UK's recruiting efforts in the trenches. 

2021 College Football Coaching Carousel Special

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The 2021 college football coaching carousel finally stopped spinning this week once UCF hired Gus Malzahn to be its next head football coach. Thanks to some late movement by Auburn, Texas and Tennessee, the power struggle lasted longer than normal around the sport. Today Adam Luckett and Nick Roush are breaking down the most eventful moments, the rising stars in the industry and the dumbest hires to date. Highlights: 

-- "Coaching at Vanderbilt is like bringing a screwdriver to a gunfight."

-- Is the spring game in jeopardy? 

-- Gus is at home on International Drive. 

-- Bizarre assistant coaching hires at South Carolina and Auburn. 

-- Too many retreads instead of innovators at low-level FBS programs. 

-- Driving Jedd Fisch.

-- One name UK fans need to know. 

-- The best and worst introductory press conferences.  

Moves in the Transfer Portal and on the Coaching Staff

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There really never is a Kentucky football offseason. Just when things typically slow down, they've somehow become just as crazy as ever. On the latest 11 Personnel, Nick Roush and Adam Luckett explain what the recent moves mean for UK's program and forecast what's next. Highlights: 

-- Could the new receiver end up being the new tight end? 

-- Not your typical quality control hire. 

-- The risk you take hiring assistants from the NFL. 

-- SP+ rankings show just how great the schedule sets up for Kentucky. 

-- The most intriguing quarterback competition since when? 

Kentucky Wins the Trevin Wallace Lottery

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It's a great day to be a Kentucky football fan. Nick Roush and Adam Luckett break down what it means for the Wildcats after they secured a commitment from Trevin Wallace, one of the most athletically-gifted football players that's ever signed to play at UK. Highlights:

-- Ever seen a linebacker return punts for touchdowns? 

-- Three important boxes Wallace checks.

-- How Jon Sumrall made it happen and what it means for Stoops' staff. 

-- Hello, Luke Fulton. 

-- What does the interest in Will Levis mean for UK's quarterbacks? 

-- Super Bowl Sunday traditions and predictions. 

-- EA Sports CFB is back. Who were the best teams in the old video game? 

A Home Schedule You Dream About

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Kentucky's 2021 football schedule is here. The dates of the seven-game home schedule arrive shortly after Tennessee introduced its new head football coach, Josh Heupel. Of course, the press conference produced plenty of hysterical moments to keep Nick Roush and Adam Luckett busy in-between schedule discussions. Highlights: 

-- SEC Network Fat Cats win again.

-- Who are the best Varsity Blues characters?

-- All four winnable games are preceded by much needed cushion.

-- The mass exodus on Satterfield's staff is another ominous sign.

-- Danny White is trying to be Vince McMahon. 

-- What Heupel needs to be successful.  

-- Trevin Wallace could be an ENORMOUS National Signing Day addition. 

-- Who wins more games in 2021, UK football or UK basketball? 


Knoxville is Burning

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The offseason has slowed down the college football world almost everywhere, with one exception. Knoxville is on fire. Phil Fulmer "retired" after Tennessee fired Jeremy Pruitt for cause after an investigation found the Vols are in fact the cheatingest cheaters who ever cheated. The purge is hilarious in the short term and great news for the Wildcats in the long term. Highlights from a candid conversation between Nick Roush and Adam Luckett:

  • More Scott Frost slander.
  • Reading between the lines from Mark Stoops' scheme talk. 
  • Tae Tae Crumes time? 
  • A timeline of the disastrous Pruitt/Fulmer reign. 
  • The wildest contradictions from a mind-numbing press conference. 
  • Did UT actually do the right thing by cleaning house, despite the ensuing probation? 
  • Kentucky's window to win the SEC East is opening. 


Waiting on Wan'Dale

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The Kentucky football program's future could be dramatically altered if Wan'Dale Robinson elects to transfer to UK. After entering the portal on Monday, the BBN is playing the waiting game once again for Wan'Dale. Nick Roush and Adam Luckett break down the latest in the Robinson sweepstakes, debut a new segment 'What a Sport,' and discuss...

  • It's a Big Daggum Deal.
  • Pros and cons behind Jamin Davis' decision and what's next at inside linebacker. 
  • South Georgia has been good to Kentucky. 
  • C-Rod is BACK. 
  • Beamer's hires at South Carolina make absolutely no sense.
  • Tennessee's new interim-head coach in waiting.
  • A look ahead at the NFL divisional playoffs. 

Hyperdrive into the Offseason

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As soon as college football's bowl games concluded Jan. 2, the sport wasted no time producing news. Before Nick Roush and Adam Luckett get into the offseason moves, they discuss Kentucky's TaxSlayer Gator Bowl win over No. 23 NC State, a game that was a microcosm of Kentucky's 2020 football season. Highlights:  

  • A firsthand experience from Jacksonville. 
  • The Wildcats will go over the line at times; it's the cost of doing business. 
  • UK QBs are in the transfer portal. Should Kentucky go get one from the portal? 
  • An early look at an unexpectedly loaded 2021 depth chart. 
  • One reason why you should be excited about Jemal Singleton on special teams.
  • Bring Phil Fulmer to Kroger Field. 
  • Vandy's out of the box hire. 
  • Have we seen the last of Dan Mullen at Florida? 


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Are you ready fro the Gator Bowl? You will be once you listen to Nick Roush and Adam Luckett break down the Cats vs. the Wolfpack on a brand new edition of 11 Personnel. They share the best matchups, their favorite bowl memories, and...

  • Is the future of bowl games bleak? 
  • The 2020 season could be a blessing in disguise.
  • NC State almost exclusively played bad teams in 2020. 
  • The 3-3-5 is not as bad as it seems.
  • How Doeren got off the hot seat.
  • What the Wolfpack do well offensively. 
  • The Vegas line continues to swing back and forth. 
  • What a win would mean for Kentucky.

We're goin' to Jackson(ville)

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from 11 Personnel! Nick Roush and Adam Luckett are celebrating with a UK trip to the Gator Bowl. They discuss college football's awful selection process, the coaching carousel and more. Highlights: 

  • What the hell is happening at Tennessee?
  • Did Auburn make a good hire?
  • What are Clemson assistant coaches and Billy Napier waiting for to leave?
  • What Eric Wolford brings to UK's offensive line.
  • Luckett's All-SEC soap box. 
  • Stoops has created a winning culture at Kentucky.
  • N.C. State is the best bowl matchup UK could've asked for.


Signing Day Spectacular!

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KSR is bringing out the big guns, crossing over between podcasts to bring you our Signing Day Spectacular. Adam Luckett and Freddie Maggard join Nick Roush to talk about Kentucky's exciting new offensive coordinator and the 18 players that put pen to paper and signed with UK on Wednesday. They break down Liam Coen's style, how the new players fit into his offense and much more. Highlights: 

  • Why Coen won't be afraid to play freshmen.
  • Jared Goff's eye-opening growth proves this system is QB-friendly.
  • Coen's outside zone attack will make play action and misdirection more effective.
  • Inherent risk with the hire.
  • Coen's message to Chris Rodriguez.
  • Which signees looks good in shorts coming off the bus.
  • An emphasis on length and speed. 
  • A player that's a perfect fit in Coen's offense.
  • Can Freddie pick one favorite wide receivers?

Coaching Search

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The 2020 Kentucky football regular season has come to a close and now Mark Stoops is searching for a new offensive coordinator. Nick Roush and Adam Luckett review some of the candidates and let you know when Stoops could reach a decision. They also discuss...

  • Jammie Robinson and the JV team. 
  • Senior Day Milestones
  • Why you shouldn't be too concerned about Lewis flipping?
  • The significance of quality control assist Greg Manusky.
  • Why you should believe Stoops when it comes to the offense.
  • The latest NFL to college coaching trend. 
  • Satterfield doesn't know what to do outside of his App. State bubble. 
  • There's too much CFB Playoff talk.  


Football Weather

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Winter is Coming is here. The month of December brought snow to the Bluegrass and now it's in the forecast for Kentucky's season finale against South Carolina. Before Nick Roush and Adam Luckett discuss the Senior Day matchup at Kroger Field, they address the changes within the program that are on the horizon. Highlights:

  • Three factors that led to Gran's demise.
  • Is Gran the best UK play-caller since Mike Leach? 
  • The four most important hires a head football coach can make
  • What Bob Stoops' presence at Oklahoma practice means for UK.
  • Bossman Fat's ups and downs. 
  • Senior Day salute to Landon Young, Zach Johnson and more. 
  • Prepare for Ohio State in the playoff. 
  • Decommits are happening everywhere.


Reading Between the Lines

por Maria Taustine

In the aftermath of an embarrassing loss at Alabama, there were some interesting comments made by Mark Stoops and Eddie Gran. On the latest edition of 11 Personnel, Nick Roush and Adam Luckett parse through those words, while breaking down what Scott Satterfield's reported interest in South Carolina means for Louisville, and more importantly, for Kentucky. Highlights:

  • Satterfield's move is a warning sign for the state of that program.
  • Where should UK fans want Scott and his Tots, Carolina or Louisville?
  • Comparing Kentucky's defense to a boxer in the 12th round. 
  • The Kentucky football foundation is solid, but the house could use some upgrades.
  • Florida's balanced passing attack is so good. 
  • Luckett is tired of the basketball season Tweets during football games.
  • Thanksgiving food eating strategies. 

It's good to be right

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A broken clock is right twice a day. This time that broken clock was correct at least three times as Adam Luckett gives Nick Roush a pat or two on the back for correctly predicting a few enormous developments in the world of college football. More importantly, the two KSR football junkies discuss the Wildcats' win and explain why Mark Stoops is reaching a fork in the road in his career once the season ends. Highlight:      

  • Muschamp is done, is TV his next best destination?
  • Somebody's throwing Stoops' name around for a potential Iowa vacancy. 
  • One of the greatest John Schlarman lines. 
  • Three incredible stats on Stoops, the WRs and Chris Rodriguez.
  • An offensive measuring stick at Alabama.
  • A big recruiting win.
  • What does success vs Bama look like?

Remember November

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How will this Kentucky football team be remembered? Much of it will be determined this November. On the latest edition of 11 Personnel, Nick Roush and Adam Luckett share what they want to see from the Wildcats in the final four games of the 2020 regular season, starting with a Vanderbilt game that could heal many offensive wounds, if it is still played this Saturday. Highlights: 

  • How this week's cancellations could change UK's schedule down the road. 
  • Offensively loyal to a fault. 
  • Problems with offensive coaching and QBs are similar. 
  • The epic Kentucky-SoFlo disaster. 
  • Run the Damn Ball
  • Prepare for a Hugh Freeze SEC bidding war.
  • A gentleman's agreement at Georgia?
  • Did Florida prove they can beat Bama?
  • Darian Kinnard and the NFL Draft. 

Return of the MAC

por Maria Taustine

Kentucky's bye week isn't so bad when you get a heavy dose of MACtion. Nick Roush and Adam Luckett narrate some of the Wednesday night madness while breaking down Kentucky-Georgia, in particular the offensive woes that have plagued the program this season. Have we seen the last of Terry Wilson? They answer that question and more. Highlights: 

  • Crazy defensive stats over the last four games.
  • An all-time great play from the defense that will never get the recognition it deserves. 
  • Bad complimentary football. 
  • Dan Mullen owes Mark Stoops a night on the town. 
  • Kentucky's sack rate is bad, who's to blame? 
  • A.J. Rose and Bossman Fat to wide receiver? 
  • A few horses to bet on in the Breeders' Cup. 
  • An important update on Kentucky's WR commits.