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Some days ago, someone told me it was safer to have your own business than to work for others. Effectively the economic recession the country is facing has forced many companies to reduce their structure, fitting them into new market realities. On the other hand, many companies, of smaller dimensions that have bet on a sustained growth have been able to face the current difficulties: adopting a flexible management model with a strong leadership and decision capacity. If, on the one hand, this crisis has thinned some companies, on the other hand it has also contributed for the assertion of many professionals who decided to assume the role of entrepreneurs, taking advantage of the opportunity in order to develop innovating projects and of great potential. At this stage it can be questioned whether one should create a large business structure or if it’s preferable to manage a small company, controlling the service quality and betting on the product or service specialization and differentiation. Observing the SME market, in our country is very easy to find business opportunities because the progression margin is immense (like in Tourism) and competition is often limited. The bet on a medium and long term is becoming more and more an entrepreneur’s strategy and one can only achieve it with small and agile structures. Currently there are several tools that allow the disclosure of our brand or company in a simple, effective and cheap way, like the social networks and networking actions organized by chambers of commerce and business associations. The involvement in these initiatives establishes itself an extra motivation factor for the entrepreneur, both from a professional and personal point of view, for the shared experiences and learning they provide. In this domain, Business Centres have offered to start-up companies solutions like the virtual Office, distant secretariat, Office rental with shared services and co-working. These Centres contribution has been crucial to the development of these companies, maintaining a light structure in a logic defended by the British economist E. F. Schumacher in 1973, when his book was published "Small is Beautiful". This sentence has never been so up to date.

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