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"The new business models are those which bring innovation into the market and the companies of the future will be those selling innovation ". This declaration from Eurico Neves, CEO of the consultant Inovamais, in the scope of Tech Media Europe Conference that took place in Oporto in February 2011, resumes well the new paradigm of the entrepreneurship market and the challenges it is subdue. The Event organized by Europe Unlimited and by APDC – Portuguese Association for the Communications Development – allowed to spread dozens of European projects from start-up companies, where some Portuguese companies were highlighted. In the estate area, was presented the myOffice app, the first worldwide virtual office application for smartphones from the authorship of Avila Business Centers. This Business Center counted with the partnership of the technological companies Swipe Twice and WATERDOG mobile, which developed the versions for iPhone/iPad and for Android, respectively, this last to be launched in March 2011. In the Mobile area, the latest studies refer we can assist to a tremendous growth of the number of users. In 2020 it is previewed 50 billion and the launch of 100 new innovating applications every day, accordingly to data presented by Ericsson and which the Barcelona World Mobile Congress came to confirm. This reality does not leave much space for Business Centers willing to follow the new consumption trends in the work spaces area – more and more business are made at a global scale and the quickness of answer is crucial for their success, as well as Professional mobility – in this point, smartphones and, more recently, Tablets, came to revolutionize the existent habits, contributing to an efficiency increase in organizations and to a change in their organizational philosophy: the principle is the following: it does not matter where companies do it but what they do. Concepts like Virtual Office, coworking and distant secretariat start to have more and more fans, not only in micro-enterprises but also in medium and big companies searching to rationalize costs and work models in the current economic context. The office of the future will be more and more a support tool for professionals searching to manage better their time, balancing their familiar and professional life, optimizing their work through solutions which offer, not only the temporary use of work spaces and telephone answering, but also in mobile applications representing “Office 3.0”: wherever you are, professionals are in contact with the office and the world.

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