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At a time where costs rationalization is the word of order, enterprises search more and more for flexible solutions at a work spaces and administrative support level. The initials VO, CW and VA mean, in order, Virtual Office, Coworking and Virtual Assistant. This new models, yet to be assimilated in our market, have been raised to power by the technological boom and by the possibility to work in any part of the world: we can have a Virtual Office, where we can use a work space temporarily and benefit from distant secretariat services; we can adopt coworking, sharing a work space with other professionals and enterprises at a reduced cost, promoting synergies and networking; or we can hire a Virtual Assistant, in case we wish to have a personalized secretariat service, always available online. Imagine a start-up, with a limited initial financial capacity, which for a fair price can have a prestige address, meeting rooms equipped with state of the art technologies, a personalized telephone answering, as well as professional virtual secretariat service. The Virtual Office, Coworking and Virtual Assistant options came to allow to these enterprises to focus on their core, diminishing fixed costs and adopting a flexible structure. These concepts can, in an equal way, to be applied to a multinational that decides to open and Office in another country. With minimal investment, these companies take less risks in a business prospecting stage, choosing an Office that by being designated as “virtual” has, in reality, shared work offices (coworking) and a professional secretariat team, reinforcing their image and market credibility. Independently from when or where they are located, these services reduce physical distance, maintain the enterprise operational and avoid means and resources displacement. It is also in the organizational restructuring stage that these concepts present themselves as decisive factors in the delivery of a quality service at competitive prices, being predictable that, in a near future, these new initials to be integrated in the daily vocabulary of organizations. However, it is today, more than ever that they present themselves as innovating resources, facing a continuous challenging scenario imposing intelligent solution with maximum efficiency.

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