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Recent studies made by the multinationals RingCentral and Regus allowed taking interesting conclusions on the new tendencies related to the use of work spaces and on the adoption of telework models. One of the studies, made on December 2009 close to SME in the United States, showed that only 15% of collaborators works on a single place; on the other hand, when working outside the office, and on the phone with their client, 80% of the employers wants to pass the idea that is on the office. This same study shows that, during the year of 2010, practically two thirds (67%) of SME will hire more collaborators and among these, around 57% would work remotely, from home or from the client's premises, considering the savings obtained with Offices rental and the possibility to access to a Virtual Office service. This alternative has been a crescent demand both for SME and for big companies, facing the possibility to use meeting rooms and secretariat services provided by Business Centers that are specialized in this kind of solutions, both in the United States and in Europe.A case-study highly disclosed in recent times has been the one of the "Inc Magazine" based in Manhattan, which allowed an annual saving of 500.000 USD and a 20 % productivity increase through the adoption of telework for the editorial team, by keeping in the headquarters the support departments and meeting rooms for punctual use, in case of need. Factors like the time gained with travels and the family balance were highlighted among the collaborators, besides the technological means that make more and more efficient the remote work. The implementation of these measures passes not only for the trust in the work teams but also for the consciousness of the advantages of the virtual Office model, both for small companies and multinationals, namely on a business prospection phase. The current recession climate came to conscious the interest of several companies in this type of solutions, being an opportunity for many of them to develop their activity in a sustained and rational way.

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