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A recent article from Emily Sokolow published on the blog wixmobile.com highlighted the fact that the virtual office had been declared as Dr. Owen Hunt work space, from the famous American series “Grey’s Anatomy.” "The way I see it, my office is where I am!" it was with this statement that Dr. Owen Hunt, recent promoted to head of Surgery, highlighted that the his work organization model is not based on a fixed place: what really matters is the works he develops and not place where he develops it. It’s not just about using new technologies in order to make our work easier, like tablets or remote access to office; the main objective is the productivity and efficiency increase of our organizations. Analising this episode, we conclude that is only one example of how companies and professionals can deal with the challenges of modern economy and with the current recession contect. The new work spaces – whether the virtual office model, Coworking or teleworking – have to respond to two fundamental needs of the 21st century organizations: flexibility and rationality. In the case of the Virtual offices, they allow professionals to develop their work in full, with more reduced costs and in a more productive way, wherever they are, in case they do not need a permanent office to work in. A study made this year by the consultant Unwired Ventures concluded that 71% of the professionals of younger generations is prepared to adopt the virtual office, in contrast of the traditional office. Besides the habits we acquire in relation to remote access to information, the main advantages have to do with time spend in travelling, costs reduction, balance between professional life and the comfort of be able to work anywhere. They were, very likely, also these the reasons that took the surgeon Dr. Owen Hunt to choose the Virtual Office solution.

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