Azeroth Public Radio

de Koltrane


6 - Azeroth Public Radio: The Shadowlands Spectacular

por Koltrane

In this episode, Koltrane, Shoeboots and the gnomes go to their first ever "on location" recording in the Eternal City of Oribos to celebrate the release of Shadowlands! We kick off the show with a song featuring the one and only Sharm! We explore the four covenants with recruitment messages from all, and our hosts make a special trip to the Maw, before kicking back and geeking out about how great Shadowlands is! All this and more in our Shadowlands Spectacular!

5 - Azeroth Public Radio: The Zombies are Coming!

por Koltrane

In this episode, Koltrane and Shoeboots smell some funny business with the gnomes' new relaxation technique. We also have an interview with North America's top multi-boxer, get a surprise call from Worgen Freeman, and reminisce about that time Abby Lewis from Drustvar visited the studio, not to mention a delicious new breakfast cereal! All this and our first Lore discussion in the tavern as we go over the story you need to know for Shadowlands.

4 - Azeroth Public Radio: BFA? Yay or Nay?

por Koltrane

In this episode, Koltrane and Shoeboots are back and the Gnomes are furious at all the covenant controversy caused from Episode 3! Also in this episode, a new product called Rosetta Hearthstone, a story in four parts of a soldier at Crusader's Pinnacle, and a new gnome named Brute sings an ode to the new Sprite Darter transmog set. All this and a look back at BFA in our weekly tavern discussion.

3 - Azeroth Public Radio: Changing it up

por Koltrane

Koltrane and Shoeboots return with a new episode and a new format designed to get you more episodes more frequently! In this episode the gnomes are taking social distancing to new... heights? We also have fun at an Azerothian standup comedy show before our two hosts but heads in this week's discussion topic: Covenants. We hope you enjoy!

2 - Azeroth Public Radio: The Sequel!

por Koltrane

We made another one! In this episode Koltrane and Shoeboots are back to celebrate the World of Warcraft community once again with more comedy, more drama, and even some romance? We also have our first ever interview with the amazing Sharm! Featuring Chill Town, Murder Mystery Part 2, Larry Flinger and This Azerothian Life.

1.1 - Azeroth Public Radio: A Quick Word from Koltrane

por Koltrane

A quick word from Koltrane to thank everyone for their kind words, talk about our plans for future episodes, and share a couple fun outtakes from Episode 1.

1 - Azeroth Public Radio: This is APR

por Koltrane

Join Koltrane, Shoeboots, and friends for our very first episode! We hope this show becomes for you what it is for us: A celebration of the World of Warcraft and its community! Featuring Postman, Murder Mystery, and This Azerothian Life.

0 - Azeroth Public Radio: The First Signal

por Koltrane

A Gnomish salvaging mission uncovers a new signal from a familiar voice. Is this the end? Is this the beginning? Is this worth your time? The answer to all three is YES! Azeroth Public Radio is coming soon and we can’t wait to meet you!