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Films of some of our plastics extrusion production lines


3 Layers PET Sheet Technology

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Since the years 2000 Bandera developed and improved an extremely innovative extrusion system for the production of PET sheets and foils from both virgin material and particularly from recycled PET material. Up to present, this unique Bandera twin screw co-rotating technology has been applied to more than 60 extrusion lines for the production of high quality PET sheets and foils. System has been patented by Bandera

Complete Blown Film Line

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Reliability, line management easiness, low exercise costs, flexibility and quickness in the change-over of the size and the product: these are the main characteristics which a line intended for this application must have. We suggest a mono-layer equipment with small-medium size extruder, with oscillating head, stationary take-off and one-station winding section. We have solutions for every size: from the very small bag, the classic carrier bag and shopper up to the big garbage sack. Even if these are of simple configuration lines, they have the same quality properties which marks the most advanced ones from the technologic point of view: barrels and screws coated with anti-wear bimetallic alloy, grooved and interchangeable feeding bush, A.C.motors and top level electronic controls

3Layers PP pipes extrusion line

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Bandera supplies extrusion units and complete lines for thermoplastic resin coating of medium/large diameter steel pipes. Bandera also has a great experience in construction of the extrusion equipment for profle production, mainly in PVC, as well as in PP, PA and ABS, and for granulation/pelletizing, mainly of PVC and PET, for which are supplied either single extruders or complete extrusion lines equipped with vacuum calibration equipment and/or cutting units. Luigi Bandera spa one of the world leader, produce plastics machinery since 1947. Film, Foil, Sheet. Lines of Extrusion Intelligence