Bedtime Tales: Stories for the Wayward and Churlish

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Outtakes, Errata, and Omissions

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Strangeness and hilarity ensues as tounges are tied, frogs are placed in throats, and squirrels wax comedic about nuts...

The Sitter (Part 2)

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What will happen to our favorite tiny-queen? Who will triumph in the epic battle of wills between Elza and Paige? The thrilling conclusion to The Sitter.

The Sitter (Part 1)

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An obnoxious suburban princess is called by the darkness that bulges beyond the world to claim her terrible birthright. Does she answer the call?

The Bayou & Carousel

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A story of a bayou rumored to capture lost souls that finally peaks the curiosity of a roving band of miscreant youths. Pulled by strings of happen-such and circumstance, the band's fate will leave you wondering... Prefaced by a poem about a carousel that is much more than it seems.

The Butterfly

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The tale of an erring, petulant tyke who's strongest wish is to be able to fly... perhaps as a butterfly.


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A delightfully morbid tale of a boy-child and his favorite blankie from the void that would drive grown men mad.