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Ep#105 - This is Our Annual Show


The show title pretty much says it all.
It's been a year, but we're back with a new show.... finally.
Hopefully its better than that tinder date that took weeks to set up.

A year off hasn't changed us at all, we are still rude, crude, politically incorrect and morally impaired. In other words, NSFW!

EP #104 - "Craigslist In Memoriam"


Ajit Pai probably craps himself every time we release an episode, so we are back once again! Bone JC and Boston sit down at the lair to talk about whats been going on in their lives, JC's new record, pitch new sex toy ideas, and Give a "Bone's Lair Farewell" to the Craigslist personal ads. All this some shitty news and so much more....

"People keep asking if we're back.... Yeah, I'm thinking we're back!"

Ep#103 - Trick or Treat


Trick or Treat!
Like the Killers in a 80s horror film, just when you thought you got rid of them, Bone, JC & Boston show up again.
We're back from the dead to talk about heckle wrangling at Rocky Horror, listener questions, Bone's News, JC's upcoming recording of his 2nd comedy album, and so much more.

Happy Halloween!

Ep#102 - Love is a Social Problem


Bone, JC, and Boston are joined by Touring comedians Mark Viola and Krish Mohan in the lair.
Weird gigs, the best Punk Record of the 90’s, Mark and Kris trying to convince us they have girlfriends, and actually even a moment or two of serious talk radio… which of course crashes and dies as we do the Bone’s Lair News.
Yep, we’re back…

For more info and show dates about Mark Viola check out

And more about Krish Mohan, purchase albums and find show dates at

Ep#101 - Alt Facts


Bone's Lair Is Back!
Bone and JC are joined by our new Co-Host Boston
We catch up with whats been going on with everyone over the last year, Listener Questions, and JC accuses the Bone's Lair News of being fake news.

Its a really tremendous show, it's really fantastic, it's an amazingly huge comeback, believe me you'll love it

Just in case you've forgot in our hiatus, as always this show is totally NSFW

Check our website at

S1E4 - Jay Kendrick


How does an Mixed Martial Arts Competitor from Brooklyn NY go from battling in the ring to doing Comedy in Knoxville TN?
Find out as Bone and JC as they sit down with Jay Kendrick to talk, Living in the South, Comedy, inspirational quotes, Phil Collins, Bad Ass Action Actors, the difficulties of not making everybody happy, bad decisions, and much more

Find Jay on Facebook at
his twitter

S1E3 - Tyler Sonnichsen


Bone and JC sit down this time with Tyler Sonnichsen to talk about his life in comedy, music, and coming of age before the internet. We crashed Bone's Lair smack dab into the ass end of NPR kind of interview... you have to listen to hear what happens.
Check Out Tyler's website at where you can find his Live Album, and be sure to look for him on the Upcoming "Bone's Lair Comedy Mix Tape"

S1E2 - Sam Donnelly


Fans of the Bone's Lair Comedy Podcast will recognise this episode's guest from his previous appearances as our fill in co/host on the show. Bone and JC "chew the fat" with Sam Donnelly, discussing his latest video project "I'm a fucking comic", and some side topics of gender identities, polygamy, tinder, and most importantly, what it takes and means to be a comedian.

Check him out across the web at
twitter  @gonzocomedy
Youtube : sam donelly

Be sure watch for Sam on the upcoming Bone's Lair Season 1 Mix Tape!

S1E1 - Krish Mohan


Bone and JC welcome veteran Touring Comic Krish Mohan to the Show.
Check out his website for current tour info and his CD at or look up his webcast "Fork of Noodles" on Youtube

Also hit up CDbaby to find JC's debut CD "Hope is a Virus"

No corporations sponsored this show, all mentions of sponsors by name, jingle, or Sound Effect are entirely used with satirical intent.
However, if you would like to advertise you business or company with us please contact Bone at

Check out the Bone's Lair website at

Ep#099 - Hashtag Claremont Lounge


After a long break Bone, JC and Sam are back with a new episode.

New Drinking Game for this episode. Theres is only one rule... anytime someone says "Hashtag"... You Drink!

Ep#098 - No Narcotics Were Found


After a long break, we return! Sam is back again, and trying out as a new show host... you tell us: good thing or bad thing?

Ep#097 - NFL Team of Hookers


Bone & JC are back for a show repeat offenses. They are joined by repeat offender Sam Donnelly of to discuss Affleck, "The World' End", Cosplaying, Strip Clubs, Prostitute Boxes and much much more.

Ep#096 - It's a Great Plan...


and we were proud to be a part of it. Bone and JC are joined by Ashley Fantastic and Danny Rendo of the band Deconbrio, for one of the best shows we've done in a while.  Ending song is "The Noise" by Deconbrio. Check the band out at

Ep#095 - 50 shades of Chad


"The Hooker woke up screaming!" - Local Comedian Boston joins Bone and JC for an explosive episode that explores 50 Shades of Chad, how not to get buggered in jail and so much more... as always it NSFW! Enjoy!

Ep#094 - Too Much Teeth?


Bone & JC are joined by Sam from to talk about his website, and the upcoming failureverse project with JC.

They also answer listener questions, and of course talk about the news and so much more.

Check out Sam's site it's great stuff!

Ep #093 - Puppophilia


Bone and JC are joined by Knoxville comedian Michael Shibley for a discussions on Bullying, the Bristol Scale, Prostitution Menus, the News and much more sickness that is Bone's Lair.

Ep#092 - This is the Sh!tSock Episode


After a long break Bone JC and Arkady is back and there's gonna be trouble... Nuff said! Welcome to Bone's Lair in 2013!

Ep#091 - Fingering the Fusebox


Matt Ward and Grady Ray join the guys to talk about their upcoming comedy tour and Bones Lair sickness ensues... YOLO

You can find the info about their upcoming tour at

Ep#090 - "Gateway Vagina"


Comedian Dave Wright Joins Bone & JC for an episode of sexy Halloween costumes, badokabation, inappropitate use of furniture, and much more. Get those drinks ready as drink rules are back in full effect!

Welcome to Bones Lair!

Ep#089 - Squirrel Face


Bone and JC are joined by Comedian and Custom Toy Maker Mike D in the lair.

It's a show of drinking, naked country stars, naked women, cannibalism and police car crushing action.

Check out Mike D at

Ep #088 -Tosh Ball Cutter


Dave Wright joins Bone & JC in the lair. It's a rude episode of batman, ball bitting fish, begging for boobies, and asks the question "can rape ever be funny?"  You've been warned... as always it's NSFW!!!!!

Ep#087 - _Hillbilly Approved... Ding!


Hillbilly Skip is back!!!!! 

Arkady is MIA, JC is sober and wishes the CDC would screen his dates, and Bone day dreams about topless HillBetties....

Oh and buy Twisted Hillbilly's and our Sh*t!

Ep# 086 - Clown Porn


Bone and JC are joined by Lawyer & Comedian Drew Morgan for an episode fueled by HangOver Free Vodka.

As your Lawyer I advise you to listen to this episode at once.

Just a reminder as always: THIS SHOW IS NOT WORK SAFE. You have been warned!

Check out Drew at

Ep#085 - High Grade, Waterproof, Silicone


Arkady is MIA again, so we bring fellow podcaster, plastic adult toy affectionado and comedian Sean Riccio to sit in and test a no hangover vodka with us while talking about listener questions, online dating, his weird fetishes and of course the news.

Ep#084 - Holster Sniffer


Grady Ray returns to join the Bone's Lair guys for probably the most depraved episode to date.

Grady learns the difference between work and play handcuffs, and JC discovers Clown Porn.

Welcome to Bones Lair!

Check Grady Ray out at

Ep#83 - We Discovered a Fun Game


Bone, JC and amazingly Arkady are all back Again for a new episode!

VNV Nation, Karaoke Games, Boobies and a make "Shit Interesting Knob" included inside!

Closing song is VNV Nation's "Control" of thier new Album "Automatic"  

Check em out at

Ep#082 - We Need to go Under the Underpass...


The Guys are finally back to talk about the live show, listener questions, and all kinds of sick Bone's Lair News.

Amazingly no goats were harmed in the making of this episode!

Welcome to Bone's Lair 2012!

Ep#081 - We Did It Live!


After threatening for a long time, we finally did it live in front of a studio audience. Bone, JC & Arkady are joined by comedians Dave Wright, Jeff Blank, and Matt Ward, with special guest appearances by Sean Riccio, and Waylon Whiskey. It's Bone's Lair LIVE!!!!!

Ep#080 - Do You Like Mayonnaise?


Bone, Arkady and JC are joined by Dave Wright for another sick episode. It's a Mindfreak of 3 Girl 1 Cake, and Bangcock Chili! This episode is sooooo NSFW. Merry X-mas all and to all a good night! Opening song by Matt Ward

Ep#079 - Craigslist Dating Fail


Arkady's missing again, but Matt Ward joins Bone & JC to keeps his seat warm.

This Episode includes, Listener Questions, examples in dating fail, and of course the news of sickness that's going on in the world.

You can find Matt Ward at
Website -
Twitter -!/mattwardcomedy
Facebook -

Ep#078 - The Lewdini Act


Arkady is back and there's gonna be trouble... Make sure you have A LOT available to drink before listening to this episode. Actually, Dont Play the Drinking Game to this one, your liver will thank you! - You Have Been Warned-

Be sure to come join us for the Live Bone's Lair Show! Sunday Jan 8th 2012 at preservation Pub in Knoxville TN!

Ep#077 - Occupy the Unemployment Line


Bone and JC are joined by Ginny Nick and Comedian Dave Wright. This was take 2 following a technical problem and 1 bottle of vodka... so the hate flows! Follow Rule 5 and finish your drink and ENJOY!

You can Find Dave at

Ep#076 - 999


Arkady is MIA, again. Bone and JC are joined by Ginny Nick and Comedian Matt Ward. Matt comes out... with a new CD. This show includes track 2 from his CD "Glamorous" GO BUY THIS CD!!!! No 4Loko was used in the making of the episode.

EP#075 - DIY


Bone and JC are joined by a guest who can actually keep up drinking, Comedian Waylon Whiskey. It's an episode in the endless pursuit of happiness, or was that drunkness... Check out Waylon at    Enjoy!

Ep#074 - 8 Levels of Inception


Comedian Jeff Blank joins Bone and JC for a bizarre trip into the mind of a comic.

Better start drinking now...

Check Jeff out at



Ep#073 - Get a Career


Yes, just like that itch after you sleep with a hooker, We're back!

Bone & JC are joined by comedian Collin Gerberding in a post roast wrap-up, that will never let you look at a Teddy Ruxpin the same again.

Welcome to Bone's Lair!

Check out Collin on the web at

The Roast of JC


Here's a special (and not in the short bus way) bonus for all you Bone's Lair fans as you await the start of the new season on Bone's Lair.

On 9/11 KnoxComedy Comedians Dave Wright, Alison Martel, Collin Gerberding, Sean Chidester,  Jeff Blank, Justin Koontz and Matt Ward Roasted our much maligned, loved and hated JC. Here it is Uncut. Be sure to check out these and many of the other funny people at

Ep#072 - You are so Hired


"I'm on this show, I know shame" The Guys are joined by special guests Expro, and Comedian Dave Wright. This episode they talk everything from sex toys to poop steak.... Enjoy!

Check out Dave Wright at

Ep#071 - Fireball Cinnamon Failure


Special Guest, comedian Matt Ward "tries" to keep up with Bone, JC, and Nick drinking...

The Guys answer listener questions and talk comedy and Bone's Lair news.

Matt plays one of his songs live in the studio, and everyone drinks WAY too much.

Check out Matt Ward at tell him Bone's Lair sent ya!

Ep#070 - Space Cadet Flight Risk


Twisted Hillbillies Skip amd Moe join the guys to answer important questions questions, and then, talk racoons, reconstructed penis, and sex dolls. Hey, we're solving problems here!
Check out the Twisted Hillbilly's On-Line Mag
Tell em 'Shotgun Bukkake!... Bone's Lair Sent Ya!"

Ep#069 pt2 - Sexy in Stereophonic


Part 2 of episode 69, with Special Guests; Chain Maille Goddess, BraBuster and the Puerto Rican Princess. This half we get into the news and a whole lotta sexy... In stereo. If you haven't listened to Part 1 do it before listening to this one. Really!

Ep#069 prt1 - If I Can Grab It, I Will!


Believe it or not, Bone and JC are joined by 3 lovely Ladies: Puerto Rican Princess, ChainMailleGoddess, and Bra Buster. Part one has lots of questions, opinions, and stories. Amazingly the Ladies didn't run away.

Ep#068 - Unicorns and Twinkly Stuff


No guests this time, it's just Bone, Arkady, and JC.

Lots of Listener questions, News and gernerally disgusting social commentary. 

It's another NSFW episode of Bone's Lair... It only feels a little bit rapey.

Join the sickness at

Ep#067 - I Sold a Baby


Arkady is MIA so Bone and JC are joined by The Puerto Rican Princess and Ginny Nick.

Bath Salts, Goats, Strip Clubs, Hershey Squirts, and more sickness in this episode of Bone's Lair!

Ep#066 - Magic Cloak of Police Deception


Bone's Lair is infiltrated by Cop turned Stand-Up Comedian Grady Ray. The Booze flow, the safety is off Grady's Taser, and things get crazy. Help get the guys outta jail - Buy some t-shirts!!! Oh and be sure to check Grady's web site

Ep#065 - Wild and Wonderful Storm


Storm Taylor joins the guys to talk about making of the Film "The Wild and Wonderful Whites (of West Virginia)".

Mix with urine, cereal, with a taint measuring stick and it's a Bone's Lair Episode!

While this show isn't as heavy on the funny as usual, It's a fantastic chat with Storm, who was gracious enough to stop by the show.

Check out the film's website

It's currently available on Netflix instant cue, and for sale on Amazon (buy it for the extras!).

Trust me you'll really enjoy this episode even more if you have seen it!

Ep#064 - Pandora's Backdoor


JC has been replaced as co-host by Ginny Nick.

The Guys get to learn about an all new kind of change purse, along with what happens when you bite off more than you can chew.

All this and much more on this episode of Bone's Lair

JC's Corner - Ep 1


A little Teaser for all the Fans!

No Goats were harmed in the making of this Podcast!


~ JC

Ep#063 - Lactation for Lubrication


Breast milk, Tiger's Blood, strap ons, poopetraitors, and a whole bunch of other sickness. Yes It's another Sick Bone's Lair.



Arkady had better things to do, so JC brings his roommate Nick over to the Lair. Creepiness ensues.

A VERY Not Work Safe Episode! You have been warned!

Closing song is "Riot in the Club" by Lockstep check em out at

Ep#061 - Spit or Swallow


Get a big bottle if your playing the drinking game, your gonna need it. Go ahead and start with rule #5 (Any technical difficulties, finish your drink) . A bad cable makes the left channel drop once in a while. That means donate to us so we can buy some good cables!

Ep#060 - Ass Antlers


After a month off, fighting snow storms, and fail casts; The Guy's are back with a vengeance and a golden voice! The guys talk Ass Antlers, music, news, give advice, and drink WAY too much Jamison. Yes, they ALL get toasted on this one. Welcome to 2011!

Ep#059 - Bone's Lair's Greatest (s)Hits


We've been at this almost 4 years now, so to wrap up the year we decided to give a little retrospective of Bone's Lair.

All the clips used in this one were picked by listeners of the show as some of their favorite moments. So if its a failcast it's your fault.

Special Thanks to Twisted HillBillies Skip and Moe from, and Trance from misguide productions fo being on the show. And a very special thanks to all of you listeners who posted on the forum in our facebook or wrote in to tell us about your favorite show moments. You all are the reason we keep doing this madness.

Merry XMas and a Happy Holidays to you all! You Drink!

Ep#058 - Clip on Ampallang


Arkady, Bone and Jc talk music, answer questions, and talk about the news.

It's another sick show on Bone's Lair. We're all hoes on this train.... Enjoy!

Ep#057 - Look How Big It Is


It puts the lotion on the skin, the Twisted Hillbillies are back again!

Arkady is missing, JC rants, bone tells the news and the Hillbillies Moe & Skip drop their twisted commentary. 

Twisted HillBilly Magazine -

Bone's Lair - 

Ep#056 - Cornhole Chucker


The Guys are back!

Roadtrip stories, Lost Bongs, Corn Dog attacks, and when Animals get attacked.

Just remember, If ya mess with us, ya mess with the whole Trailer Park!

Closing song: Closer to Hogs by Nine Inch Richards.

All this and much more, It's Bone's Lair!

Ep#055 - Rectangle Rectum


Just when you thought it was safe to refresh your podcasts subscriptions; We're Back!!!!

In a world of flicking the bean in traffic, throttling the boss in MalWart, and shitty cell phone reception... WWBJD What Would Bongo Jesus do? Listen to find out!

All this and much more, on this episode of Bone's Lair!

Ep#054 - Release of an Offensive Material


Like an annoying neighbor we just keep showing up. The guys are back with their own "release of an offensive material". Its another sick show from Bone's Lair. We'll even throw in a little extra for ya...   BEARS!!!!!!



Ep#053 - Wall of Dicks


The guys are back and bringing another episode of Bone's Lair. This episode they talk about the Lords of Acid show, stories to chase people off your door step with, prop 8, Bank robbers, expensive hamburgers, and much much more. Special Thanks to Praga Khan of Lords of Acid for the opener! Enjoy!

Ep#052 - "You Drink"


This is not a typical Bone's Lair show. It's an inside the actors studio episode. The guys get personal as we answer a bunch of listener questions, and throw in a few news stories to finish the show off.  This one is for all the fans. Hope you enjoy!

Ep#051 - Pics or it didn't Happen


Ray and Wendy from Join the guys for our "Godfather 3". Strippers,  Weed Whacking, Hells Angels and Throttling the Boss all come up this show. Listen at your own risk. Even if you don't listen, check out Rays Photography at 

Ep#050 - Cornhole Porpoise


It's Episode 50!

The Twisted Hillbillies Skip and Mo, join us for discussions on porpoise rape, boobs on the beach, how not to smuggle things into jail, and much more sickness. Be warned - NOT WORK SAFE!

Be sure to check out the Twisted Hillbilly Online Magazine at


Ep#049 - "A Bootleg"


Ninjas, Squid Sex, Fruit Roll-Up of the Looms, and listener questions. This is a show we didnt record. If you say we did, we will deny it. You have been warned!

Ep#48.2 - Holy Money Shot


After the losing the last show the guys are back to prove why they are the #1 Colostomy Bag Comedy Show in the world. Stephen Baldwin, x-ray machines, eels, topless firefighters, Cock Locks,  JC sings and Soooo much more. This is Sparta! Actually It's Bone's Lair!

Ep#047 - Meat Massacre


Ronan from VNV Nation, Bone's Lair Fan Clubs, Prostitute Signs, Dick Ninjas, Meat Massacres, and our Government at work... Its a sick world and we're happy guys!

Special thanks to NiteSynth for getting us the VNV Drops!

EP#046 - We'll do it Live!


Bone has quit smoking, JC makes a discovery, cops, guns drugs and animals are in the news, then.... bah, screw it, we'll do it live!!!

Ep#045 - The Colostomy Veneer


Two shows, one episode. First the last part of our last show with Hillbilly Skip. Next, Bro Scro is grabbed off the street and brought to the lair to to finish out this episode. Enjoy!

Ep#044 - Naughty Love Hamper


Twisted Hillbilly Skip is back in the studio with us for another twisted evening with the guys.... All I can say is "I ate the nachos after this one...."

Ep#043 - Rule 13


"If Your Sober Take A Drink". Sex Dolls, Goats, Coco and a serious nod to "Zombieland". We're back with the first "official" show of 2010, and if anything we've gotten even sicker with our down time. Get your drinks ready... You have been Warned!

Ep#042 - Extras Reel - deleted scenes 2


Bone and JC talk about the show for this "Inside The Bone's Lair Studio" . Lots of behind the scenes, snd deleted scenes. Just a little something for the hardcore fans. Be warned this stuff ended up on the cutting room floor for a reason.... ENJOY!

Ep#041 - Tube Steak of Thwarting


The guys are back, and on time for a change! Listener letters, food fights  genital mutilations, and Hannah Montana Dolls.... All in this episode. You have been warned!

Ep#040 - The Bruviss Zone


Bone's Lair hits 40 and the guys determine there's no Bruviss in the Champagne Room. Listener Questions, JC Twilight rants, Feckin Whiskey and all the stupid news of the world.

Ep#039 - "God I Miss Beastiality"


Epic Fail... or is it? Listener Questions, News headlines and No animals were asphyxiated or copulated in the making of this episode. We blame it all on that.

Ep#038 - "This One Time On Acid..."


Beastiality FINALLY isn't funny. It's a Bone's Lair episode destined to be a classic. Grab a bottle and get ready for more of our sickness. In the Spirit of the season the closing song is "Halloween 09" from Zombie Girl. Check em out at

Ep#037 - Have More Love for Your Junk


The guys are back with, listener e-mails, the Zombie Apocalypse, and all that sick twisted news that tickles your funny bone, or hurts your "junk". Its Colostomy Bag Comedy through an through!

Ep#036 - Back to The Buttsex. This is Important!


Hillbilly Skip of Twisted Hillbilly is back to help us answer listener questions, and talk about the sick news in the world. JC gets hammered trying to keep up with the new drinking rules. Abney Park closes out the show with "Airship Pirates" - Thanks Capt Robert!

Ep#035 - Can I have a Hooker with my Happy Meal?


Arkady is grounded this episode, but DJ Nitesynth takes his place and helps us squeak out another show. DragonCon stories, Bone's News, and closing music  "Find Forever Gone" from Bella Morte! Check them out at

Ep#034 - "SWORDS!"


Mark Jackson of VNV Nation intros the show, if only we could have ended it there. Dissolving Bikinis, Sheep Poo Canoes, Buggery and lots of other twisted news... All the sickness you have come to expect from us! Check out VNV Nation at or on their myspace -  Be sure to tell em Bone's Lair Sent ya!

Ep#033 - "Dotson Cream Pie"


Bone and JC are joined by Carnie, and Merc of Hate Sick Live! We're Back, sicker and more twisted than ever. News ranges from alleged bestiality to a Pot app for your iPhone. Closing song is "Vampires Ball" by Hate Sick Live. ENJOY!

Ep#032 - "Someones gonna take the Pig"


Can we make a Better Podcast? Yes we can, but it's not this one. Death, Destruction, and Happiness, brought to you by Bones Lair!

Ep#031 - I'm not even Safe in my Sleep


The guys are back with another show!
And have they been busy... Nin/Ja, Gwar, Music Reviews, and of course... the sick Bone's Lair News.
Closing song is "It's Fun to Smoke Dust" by DJ Lobsterdust
Check out his website

Notice: No Goats were harmed in the making of this podcast. Honest!

Ep#030 - In Memory of Punk Rock Joe


This episode is not our usual show.

On 4/20/09 we lost a good friend Joseph Johnson aka Punk Rock Joe. Early on Joe had became a part of the podcast, in that JC regularly had stories involving Joe. Over the past few months Joe also starting giving me ideas for the show and more importantly suggestions on how to fuck with JC on the air (Joe was responsible for the shut the fuck up junkie clip). So, it seemed right to me that we do a show about Joe, and who better to tell the stories than his friends.

I wasn't expecting the impact it was going to have on everyone, including myself. This project became a chance to share with the world our friend, and more importantly a chance for several to offer him the goodbye they didn't get too tell him in person.

I collected nearly 3 hours of audio which sadly I had to edit down to less than 80 minutes. So, not everyones stories made it into the final cut, and many stories that have been included where edited down for time restraints. To that end JC & I intend in the future to make all the stories in their unedited form available for those who would like to hear them in their entirety.
My apologies to anyone whose stuff didn't make it on the final cut. I wish I could have included everything and everyone.

Through these stories I have found myself both laughing and crying. There are moments of this show that may be difficult to listen to. The last story is from Chris Greer, who was in the passengers seat during the accident. His account of what happened that night is probably one of the most powerful 5 minutes of audio I think I have ever heard. Chris's story goes a long way to sum up the kind of person Joe was.

All too often we take for granted the treasures in our life. As sad as these times are to deal with, they at least remind us of what and who are truly important in our lives. Remember those things, and cherish them daily.

I only hope this show will maybe help those still lost from his passing find a bit of closure, and serve to remind everyone how wonderful Joe truly was.

Joseph "Punk Rock Joe" Johnson
1979-2009. RIP

Ep#29.2 - "Baaa Means NO!"


Special Guest (and not in the short bus way) Independent Zombie Film Maker Chris of MisGuided Productions joins the guys for Smoothies, and to talk about the sick news of the world. Bones Lair it's the best "colostomy bag comedy show" in the world!!!

Ep#028 - "Hot Oral Sex Romp"


Why does your Roadie remain inert? We watched "The Watchmen", Blue Dongs,  Tesla Roadies, why not to use power tools for sex toys, and much much much more sickness. oh... and "Shut the F**k up Junkie!"

Ep#027 - "Its All Fun and Games"


It's all fun and games till someone gets hit with lawn darts or "Hot Carled"! See Its another show with the sick world we live in as viewed through the sick twisted minds of our boyz Bone, Arkady and JC. You have be warned!

Ep#026 - "I missed a cavity search by 1 point"


Lock up the women and children, They're Back!!! Bone, Arkady, and JC finally come out of hiding from the Lynch Mobs to bring you all new episode. News, movies, and JC's new Vegas tales... Beware the Frankenpenis! You've been warned!

Ep#025 - Part 2 "Fist Full of Knuckle Children"


If you haven't listened to Ep#024 yet, do so before you listen to the this show.

JC finally arrives to join Bone, Arkady and our favorite Hillbillys Skip & Moe for our most "politically incorrect" show to date.
This episodes featured Song: "Piercing" by "Alien Implant"
Check em out at
Check Out Twisted Hillbilly Magazine online at  

Tell em both Bone's Lair sent ya!

Don't forget to donate to the pudding wrestling episode!!!!

The content within this show does not in any way reflect the beliefs or opinions of the Bones Lair Podcast or Twisted Hillbilly Magazine, or anyone else with half a brain. It's entertainment, and humor, though it be bad. If it offends you, get over it....

Ep#024 - Beggathon prt1 - "I'll give ya 2 cents to Flick my Bic!"


Twisted HillBillys: Skip and Moe, join Bone and Arkady to talk about Hill Betties, Amputee Hooker Murders, and Penis Amputations. It's a truly twisted show. Check out Twisted Hillbilly Magazine online at
Tell em Bone's Lair Sent ya!

Btw -"Somethings missing... Oh yeah....JC"

Ep#023 - One little joke and BOOM!


We're Back! And with an extra-long helping of our sickness!

Ep#022 - You Cant Unf**k a Sheep


Politics, Sheep Rape Detection Kits, and Thong Failures... Yes it's more stupidity from "The Lair"
Its been a while so here's an extra long extra unedited show!
Now Go Donate!!!!!

Ep#021 - 1 Year! prt 2 - I creamed my pants


Picking up right where Ep#020 left off... More porn talk with the Stripper formerly known as Morgannn & Evey, Bone gets REAL drunk, and our first caller!

This is part 2 of a 2 part episode!

Ep#020 - 1 year! prt 1 - I want it so bad...


Bone's Lair has it's 1st birthday!!!
What better way to celabrate a b-day than with strippers?
Morgannnnnn returns to the show with her gf Evey to talk news, porn, and pudding wrestling with the guys.

This is part 1 of a 2 part episode!

Ep#019 - Miscarriage of Justice


Q: What do penis thefts, semen stealing, pudding wrestling, sex with tables have in comman?  A: they're all topics on this episode of Bones Lair! Closing song - Gothkids by Bone

Ep#018 - The Undeleted Scenes


This is what happens when you don't make a Backup. We present whats left of Episode 18 - The Undeleted Scenes.

Ep#017 - Frankenmuff and the Hasselcocks


What would you do with a Midget Mafia?

Ep#016 - The Blair Whale Project


Arkady's out sick, but JC & Bone get together to talk Movies, News and other weirdness. There were some sound gremlins running loose in the recording gear. So Drink every time the sound cuts off in one channel, pretty soon you won't notice.

Ep#015 - Go Go Cockzilla


After almost a month, all three of the guys get back in the studio together. Recaps of the last month, including Sweeny Todd, Rocky Horror, and JC in Vegas. We really don't make this stuff up....

Ep#014 - Deleted Scenes


A special X-mas episode of Bones Lair with Christmas related news and a special treat of some deleted scenes from previous episodes of the show.

Ep#013 - Twisted Hillbilly


HillBilly Skip of comes down off the mountain joins us to talk about their online mag, hot HillBetties, music, guns, along with all the sickness you have come to expect us. It's a Twisted Bones Lair for certain. YEEHAW!

Ep#012 - I'm the Roman Helmet


Bone & Arkady manage to convince JC to pass on the Hannah Montana concert to hang out and do a show.