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Nine Disturbing Short Stories


Episode 15

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The Hunterson’s new home is invaded by a pot-smoking Deadhead wizard, but what else would you expect from a paranormal San Francisco? Hunter’s family has to deal with the previous residents of his new mansion, while Hunter also has to deal with his deadbeat son — who might or might not actually be a demon that spends way too much time shopping on Amazon.

Episode 14

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Your favorite monster-hunting family returns for a new tale of rootin’-tootin’ supernatural mischief. As Hunter and his family settle into their new digs in San Francisco, they find out that their new mansion holds far more surprises than they would like.

Episode 13

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This is one of Scott’s favorite stories. “Bag Man” examines the concept of “judge not, lest ye yourself be judged” from the perspective of the media vultures that celebrate and profit from death and misery. When that camera turns the other way — and the “camera” is a supernatural killer — the news isn’t quite as much fun.

Episode 12

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This week’s tale comes from the GFL era of the Siglerverse, but a deeper, darker, more dangerous corner. If the victors write the history books, this is a story about what happens when history’s losers learn their own off-book version of things.

Just two more stories in BONES ARE WHITE after this week one-parter. Enjoy!

Episode 11

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And now the conclusion of our military-sf novella PASSENGER. Marcus Crowley was shot through the heart (and you’re to blame, amiright?) and thought he was a gonner, but awakens to find himself not only alive, but on the move — and he’s not the one controlling his own motions.

Episode 10

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Our CRYPT-era tale continues with Part 2 of the novella “Passenger". Our recon team crash-landed on Vee-Seven just before SAM fire tore into their troop carrier. Duck is dead. Chesque and Nguyen are MIA. Jennings has lost a leg and is screaming for help. Sgt. Marcus Crowley tries to keep the survivors together. Can Cheryl and Psycho stay alive long enough to help him complete the mission?

Episode 9

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We bring you a tale from THE CRYPT era of the Siglerverse, and a big Junkies favorite — particularly the rather grisly end of the story. We re-wrote the story to bring it into line with THE CRYPT timeline and political structure. I had some great consulting on this one from Junkies who served in the US Military, for which I am grateful.

Episode 8

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We present the conclusion to the novella “Eusocial Networking,” a story set in the 7th SON universe of J.C. Hutchins. The bug-infested finale will have you wondering just how harmless those little critters really are...

Episode 7

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Welcome to a new novella. This time out, EUSOCIAL NETWORKING, a story set in the 7th SON universe of J.C. Hutchins. If you like bugs you’ll love this (and if you hate them, it will scare your undergarments right off).

Narrated by our buddy Veronica Giguere.

Episode 6

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The Rabbi and Big Ugly haven’t yet made it out from under their obligation to Chad LaTilton, after the President wound up dead. After visiting Carnie, and getting info from Meth Cow, they’re off to find The Magician. And Brock Sockman doesn’t like it one bit. Not one little bit.

The last installment of our non-Siglerverse tale featuring the voice work of Justin Robert Young (@JustinRYoung).

Episode 5

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The second installment of our non-Siglerverse tale featuring the voice work of Justin Robert Young (@JustinRYoung on the Twitters).

In the first episode, the Rabbi and Big Ugly were supposed to find the President and bring his money back to Chad LaTilton, only before our heroes could complete this task, the President wound up dead. Now Rabbi and Big Ugly are on the hook for that cash — they have to find a lady named “Carnie” who might have a clue as to the money’s wherabouts. Listen in for more lubesters, violence, a few shots of Sea Breeze and some Pomeranian poop.

Episode 4

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A new story and a rare foray into scifi/noir/comedy. Join Rabbi and Big Ugly as they stumble into quite a bit of trouble up on New Hoboken Station. Just hope you don’t wind up with a pile of pomeranian poo on your forehead.

Voice talent for this story is Justin Robert Young, co-host of the amazing NSFW Show along with Brian Brushwood. This is a very funny show, y’all should check it out.

Episode 3

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The second half of our short story about deals with the devil, horror writing, clowns and seedy deeds done in the soup aisle of a Meijer grocery store.

Episode 2

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We’re doing something new this episode, and that is using voice talent other than Scott to bring you your story. This is a story many of you have heard before, but re-written to prepare it for the BONES ARE WHITE collection. The voice talent is Alec Volz, a very cool cat with a very cool voice. He’s also a fan who loves NOCTURNAL, so he clearly has skill and great taste.

Episode 1

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Our first episode features the first new Kissyman audio story in over three years. It’s a short-but-sweet tale of Kissyman’s tender side. Sometimes a hard man is good to find — when that hard man finds you, not so much.