Bono Loves Grace - What is Grace all about? a series of talks looking at what the bible says into todays culture

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A series of talks by Clive Parnell looking at What the bible has to say to us today


Prayer - How can prayer help us with worry, living life and understanding how we are in the light of the gospel?

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Prayer? How does prayer bring the right perspective? We all worry about things but how can prayer help? How does looking at the example in Philippians 4 help us gain the right view of God. Delve into the reality of the gospel to help you live.

Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Jesus and us.

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Kayne west recently got slated for coming on stage when taylor swift was getting an award at the MTV video music awards. How do we exercise grace? How do we want others to exercise grace to us? What is forgiveness? How do we receive it? In this podcast we explore these questions and more.

You are with me

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Short chat about the new CD "you are with me" by Clive parnell with a bit of music

It's a good opportunity to die

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A talk looking at what it is to live and what it is die? Is Christ the centre? What is it to have Christ in us the hope of glory? What does it mean to be crucified with Christ?

You've gotta pray just to make it today

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A talk on prayer based on Psalm 61. Who do we pray to? Why pray? What was david's experience? How can prayer help us get perspective in trials. How does Prayer help shape our view of God and life?

What would Jesus say to ...Robbie Williams

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This a talk looking at what Jesus might say to Robbie williams. Robbie talks a lot about love, life, purity and sin, what might Jesus say to Robbie.

Light of the world podcast - with intro

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This is a podcast called light of the world. This podcast now has an intro and outro to the talk and is a bit more user friendly.

Grace - What is Grace all about?

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This is a talk on Grace. What is it all about? Bono says he prefers grace to Karma - Grace is a free gift. Check this talk out to discover what Ephesians 2 and Romans 6 say about Grace, and how it is really amazing.