Show #1 Meet Lark

Daria Muirhead

podcast: Boutique Cafe (Enhanced)

Show #1 Meet Lark
Welcome to our Premiere podcast. On today's show Daria welcomes all our new listeners and invites you to check out all of the websites features, including the forums, fashion show, and our auction scramble.
In Part #1, Daria interviews Lark Johnson (eBay id my_angel_sophie ) a designer and promoter of children's couture. They discuss how Lark got started, her TuTu collection and future plans, as well as her own tips for getting "life" in her pictures. In a touching tribute Daria and Lark talk about a very special little girl named Libby and how the entire boutique community on eBay rallied to assist her and her family.

To visit today's Auction Scramble just click the following link and view the spotlight auction. Each Auction Scramble is a total surprise to the designer since they have no idea that they are being featured. We hope you think it's an innovative and fun way to highlight exceptional designers in our community.

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