Show #70 - BC's Birthday, FFF and more

Daria Muirhead

podcast: Boutique Cafe (Enhanced)

Birthday We're celebrating our Birthday this month on Boutique Cafe!! To mark the occasion we're debuting our New BC theme song, written and performed by the amazing Geoff Smith. What are your thoughts on the past years? Please let us know by leaving us comments in our shownotes today. We're back and ready to accept your Boutique News for our next show segment, please email details of your launches and events to EXTRA EXTRA! Boutique Cafe has a New group up on Facebook and we'd love for you to join in. Please create a profile and then click the link to join our new BC podcast group. Invite your friends/family/group members and fellow BC guru's - let's make this a great new venue to spread the word about our community! FFFIt's time for another Fashion Forward Friday challenge, and since our studio is still being set up Daria issues this week's challenge to blog about your Favorite Fashion Designer. Share a pic of their work, brag about how great they are - and then come back and post a link to your post in our shownotes. We'll be drawing for a Free 2 week sidebar banner ad on BC from all those who participate. Get posting and watch for our next challenge coming soon with Amelia our fashion guru.
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